Disappearing into the Bayou; Esther Bubley (w/ Kristie Cornell & Marla Kristicevich) – Episode 80

And on this episode – the big 8-0! – we are talking to photographer Kristie Cornell (@kccornell on IG) and sculptor Marla Kristicevich (@marla_kristicevich on IG) about a project they collaborated on around Louisiana’s Bayou Teche . We’ll also tell you about Esther Bubley, one of Roy Stryker’s photographers who became much more than just one of Roy Stryker’s photographers. There’s also the answering machine and some witty banter!

Kristie Cornell & Marla Kristicevish

Kristie Cornell and Marla Kristicevich collaborated on a project called Meander Mindset that took them down the 124mi length a Bayou Teche, a vital waterway in Louisiana. The project was a combination of photography and sculpture, as well as various other skills – all aboard a small 1970s Boston Whaler.

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kccornell/albums/72177720300912386

Kristie: www.kristiecornell.com

Marla: marlakristicevich.com

Esther Bubley

Lately, our stories have involved the various and alarming sexual escapades of any number of wriggling photographers. But not today! There’s actually almost nothing known about this photographer’s private life (which means she probably didn’t date Edward Weston!) 

Today we are talking about Esther Bubley, a Midwestern photographer who had the ability to essentially disappear into the background and capture people at their most normal and vulnerable – all while making them feel truly seen and understood. 

Here are some of her FSA images:

And here are her Assignment images:

Link her her government archives: https://www.loc.gov/pictures/search/?q=LOT%20939&fi=number&op=PHRASE&va=exact&co!=coll&sg=true&st=gallery



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