Our First Truly Odd Episode (Also, Godland) – Episode 77

On this episode of All Through a Lens we’re experimenting with a slightly new format – the Odd Episode! These are the episodes that somehow fall between our regular episodes and the Dev Party episodes.

Vania and Santa Cruz

First up is Vania who talks about her project in Santa Cruz. She’s filming on Super 8 in the damn water and shooting 120 there too. It’s for an upcoming film that she’ll tell you all about!

Here are some of her photos, which you can pick up here: https://vaniazask.com/store


We then talk about the new film Godland, directed by Hlynur Palmason. In the 1890s, Lucas, a photographer and priest with the Danish Church, is tasked with establishing a church in Iceland. Rather than taking a boat directly to his destination, he wants to travel across the island on horseback to photograph the people and the land.

It’s a slow, beautiful movie, and the bits about photography are perfectly intertwined in the film and the story. As of this recording, it is only playing in theaters.

See the trailer here. And a different one here.

Here are some of the random stills that we’ve gathered.

Zine Reviews

We’ve moved the zine reviews to the odd episodes!

110 By Garon Kiesel – contact him here: @grain_or_die on IG.

Monochrome Mania #9 by Mark O’Brien – Buy it here!


Thank you to everyone who supports us!

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Vania: IGFlickrZines
Eric: IGFlickrZinesECN-2 Kit

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