Dev Party #3 – Dev Party with the Devil

For our third installment of the Dev Party, we’re reviewing the new 120 back made by Normal  M. Dean for the Polaroid Automatic Land Cameras (the ND-120. Eric’s shot a half dozen rolls through it. Vania, on the other hand, is developing some shots from Yosemite.

We’re both using HC-110! Could anything get more exciting than this? 

Here are some shots from the Polaroid:

And here are some from Vania’s dev:

2 thoughts on “Dev Party #3 – Dev Party with the Devil

  1. Love to hear people keeping the 250/350 Land cameras alive with mods like that. When I shot at a catalog studio in the late ‘90s our fashion department went through 669 packs like crazy and we would trim down sheets of EPP to put in the empty holders then load them into a 250 (or similar) one at a time in the darkroom and have a single shot camera to walk around with. It wasn’t very practical for travel shooting or anything really, except for having fun knowing you only had one shot at something. Thanks for sharing your adventures!


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