We’ve Got a Patrion

Since it’s our one year anniversary, we’re brimming with ideas. Lots of them, really. It’s also time to pay the annual hosting bills. We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have listeners who are so willing to buy our zines and the film we sometimes sell. It’s a real blessing. We tell you that we love you each episode, and we really do mean it.

But with the whole late-stage capitalism thing we’re rockin’, these big ideas, these dreams of expansion, and these hosting bills require a bit of extra scratch. Thus Pateron.

Now, we’re not going to feed you some line about how if you don’t give us money the podcast will go away. Neither of us can imagine that. But we’d like for it to become a bit more self-sufficient. 

We’re not just asking for money. Since this is Patreon, we’ve got some really fun rewards for you. 

Patreon tiers:

We’ve got three Pateron tiers: 35mm, 120 and 4×5 (get it? We’ve got room to shrink AND expand!)

The first – 35mm – is $3 a month. With that you’ll get:

  • Episodes released two days early (we’re working Eric’s editing fingers to the bone!)
  • Shout outs on the show
  • 10% discount at the store (coupon code)

The second – 120 – is $5 a month. You’ll get everything from the 35mm tier plus:

Monthly “Snapshots” episodes where we’ll talk about a lot more than just film photography. Get to know us a bit better. 

While we love film photography, we aren’t JUST film photographers. We’ll talk about the music we like, the movies, our weird ass childhoods, basically whatever. But since we ARE film photographers, we’ll probably end up talking about gear too. Imagine that.

(It’s weird, when we talk on the phone, we are pretty much constantly talking about gear.)

And for our most grand tier – the 4×5 level – $10 a month, you’ll get everything thus far mentioned, plus:

Full (often 60 min) interviews with our guests. These will include bonus questions and extra fun!

Have you ever wished we talked to our guests for longer than we do? Well, we actually do! For the sake of brevity (and we use that term VERY loosely here), we edit down the interviews to around 15 to 20 minutes. We actually talk to them for a lot longer. Sometimes three fucking hours – (Brandy!)

And that’s that. It’s pretty simple. Basically what most podcasts are doing. 

We’ll have the link to the Patreon in the show notes – or just go to patreon.com/allthroughalens to find us.

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