It’s Not The Opposite of Inspiration (w/ Jordanna Kalman) – Episode 73 And on this little episode – our 73rd – we’ll talk to Jordanna Kalman (@rabbitsparrow on IG), a photographer whose art doesn’t end with either the photograph or the print. We also look for some much needed inspiration from a few little-known photographers. There’s some tips on making anthology zines, as well as a zineContinue reading “It’s Not The Opposite of Inspiration (w/ Jordanna Kalman) – Episode 73”

Dev Party #11 – Fire Party! This week on Dev Party we’re trying a new-to-us developer! Well… that’s not quite true. You’ll see. It was Vania’s idea to give Pyro a try, so we both picked up PMK Pyro by Photographer’s Formulary. And well… you’ll see. Here on Dev Party, we are certainly used to and even welcoming of failures.Continue reading “Dev Party #11 – Fire Party!”

Episode 16 – Hey, Let’s Put a Cow on the Roof

On this episode, we’re going to talk about daydreaming and dreaming of days. We’ve got a segment on Seattle FilmWorks – what is it? What was it? Can you shoot it? And speaking of Nebraska, we’re checking in with Solomon D. Butcher, a photographer from the late 1800s. But first, Eric mourns the loss ofContinue reading “Episode 16 – Hey, Let’s Put a Cow on the Roof”