Our First Truly Odd Episode (Also, Godland) – Episode 77

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-xv8mt-1395f87 Full show notes and photos here: allthroughalens.com   On this episode of All Through a Lens we’re experimenting with a slightly new format – the Odd Episode! These are the episodes that somehow fall between our regular episodes and the Dev Party episodes. Vania and Santa Cruz First up is Vania who talks aboutContinue reading “Our First Truly Odd Episode (Also, Godland) – Episode 77”

Dev Party #30 – The Defensive Pessimism Party

Listen to us develop some fresh out of the can Soviet-era film! Meanwhile, Vania talks about her commercial shoot she did on film. Eric mostly asks questions and mixes up some chemicals. Here are some of Vania’s shots… And here are some of Eric’s: Vania: IG, Flickr, ZinesEric: IG, Flickr, Zines, ECN-2 KitsAll Through a Lens: IG, Website, Patreon

Dev Party #23 – The Posi-Machine

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-3pvpf-efa921 On this episode, we’re trying our hands at E-6 home development! Vania shot 35mm Ektachrome, and Eric shot a couple of Provia 4×5 sheets. Here are some shots from developing: Vania: IG, Flickr, Zines Eric: IG, Flickr, Zines, ECN-2 Kits All Through a Lens: IG, Website, Patreon