6×7 Zine – Issue One


We are Vania and Eric. We do the All Through a Lens Podcast. And we both love the Mamiya RB67.

Have you ever fallen completely in love with a camera and wanted to show everyone ever single photo you ever took with it? We did! And since we couldn’t show them all, we made this zine.

6×7 is a zine celebrating the Mamiya RB67, perhaps the most perfect camera ever made (mileage may vary).

We each selected 30ish of our favorite photos and created a zine around them. This issue reflects the love and chaos, messiness and beauty that is film photography.

But this is not a mere photozine. The photos, still the central feature, are placed within two-page spreads made up of various related and unrelated bits and bobs (check the sample images above).

Each copy comes with two signed postcard prints and stickers.

8″x9″; 60pages; Perfect Bound; B&W

**Apologies for the ridiculous shipping charges for zines going outside the states. It’s a 10oz zine and that more than doubles the price of shipping somehow.**

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