Dev Party #4 – Rock & Roll All Night and Dev Party Every Day

It’s our fourth go around for Dev Party and we’ve found some great success! Vania is developing an old roll of Kodak Gold that he mother shot back in the late 90s. Will it work? What will be found?

And Eric is developing a roll of HP5 he shot through a 6×7 back strapped onto an Intrepid 4×5. He talks quite a bit about the Graflok system and why he basically likes the 6×7 back.

Here are some of Eric’s shots…

And here are some of Vania’s:

Episode 011 – You Press the Button – We Do the Rest

It’s our Box Camera Appreciation episode! And wow do we have some box camera appreciation for you!

First Eric and Vania tell everyone what they’ve been up to. Eric’s been wrestling with the 120 back for the Polaroid Automatic Land Cameras, while Vania’s been shooting in the water, getting older (but not old) and mentions a few new books.

Now delving into box cameras, we asked listeners to call in and let us know which ones they’ve recommend for friends. We got answers and Eric has shot most of them. Who knew?After the messages, Vania and Eric gave their own recommendations.

After a bit of discussion, we give a call to Jennifer Froula Weber (@jenniferfroulaweber on Instagram). We’ve talked with her before about her tintypes, but now we’re talking box cameras (and tin types – you’ll see).

She and we talk which boxes she likes best, why she shoots T-grain film in them, and why she’ll often choose them over her Hasselblad.

After the interview, we deep dive into a short history of the box camera. We begin by trying to figure out just what is a box camera, but quickly move on to the 1870s and the very first of these simple little cameras.

From there, we talk George Eastman’s early attempts at boxes, as well as the Boston Bulls Eye. It finally came together for Kodak when Frank Brownwell came up with his Brownie… and the many, many more that followed.

We also explored the many competitors to Kodak’s offerings, as well as how the designs changed from simple boxes to rocket ship dreams in colors of teal, mint and red.

While Vania talked about her new zine in the last episode, Eric talks his new issue in this. It’s Conspiracy of Cartographers Issue Seven, and it was all shot on the Imperial Savoy – a plastic 60s box camera.

We continue the zine talk with the second installment of our how-to-zine segment. Here, we discuss sequencing the photos, as well as layout and computer programs. The third and final will come next!

And speaking of zines, on this episode we also review Michael Tekel’s In Silvam Sciryuda. “When I moved to Nottingham UK, I didn’t know many places around here. Except for legendary Sherwood Forest. I wanted to see it. I went, I saw and I was not impressed at first. That’s how this zine project started – with the goal to capture the true soul of this place”.

And that about does it for the episode! Happy listening!

Dev Party #3 – Dev Party with the Devil

For our third installment of the Dev Party, we’re reviewing the new 120 back made by Normal  M. Dean for the Polaroid Automatic Land Cameras (the ND-120. Eric’s shot a half dozen rolls through it. Vania, on the other hand, is developing some shots from Yosemite.

We’re both using HC-110! Could anything get more exciting than this? 

Here are some shots from the Polaroid:

And here are some from Vania’s dev:

Episode 010 – We’re Goin’ Legitimate!

Welcome to our tenth episode! Have we got a packed show for you!

We start off with some much needed catching up. Vania’s been to the fictional city of Fresno, as well as Yosemite! Eric’s been to a waterfall where the owls are not what they seem.

Keeping things moving, we hear from a slew of folks about lines they won’t cross while photographing. A large part of photography is literally not taking photos. While some won’t photograph homeless people or children, others refuse to snap pics of injured roller derby skaters. Vania and Eric both weigh in on the thing as well.

Last episode, Vania mentioned the new issue of her zine in the briefest of passings, but now Eric tries to squeeze more information from her.

Speaking of zines, we talk somewhat briefly in the first installment of a how-to-zine overview. This time it’s about deciding upon a theme (or not), about titles, words and just getting your shit together.

And then we call up Adam Roberts – aka @icantstandpickles on IG. He has recently released a 3-D zine, which comes complete with 3-D glasses. You need to see this to believe it, and you can pick it up here (and should).

Changing gears for a few moments, we report on the execution photo of Ruth Snyder. Taken in 1928 by photographer Tom Howard, the image of a woman in the moment of electrocution was published on the front page of the New York Daily New. Soon the photo became more of a story than the execution itself.

Since cameras were forbidden in death chambers, how did Howard get this shot? What does this have to do with James Cagney? We shall tell you!

Moving on, we make our way to a couple of zine reviews. Vania talks about Leland Buck’s Paris Syndrome, while Eric digs into 365 No. 7: Analog by Trench Photos (@trenchphotos365 on IG).

In closing, we remind you about our mini-episodes (Dev Party), as well as what’s ahead in the next: a full review of the 3D printed 120 back for the old Polaroid Automatic Land Cameras. Eric got one and is in the process of testing it out.

Dev Party: Episode Two – It’s My Dev Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To

We’re back for our second Dev Party and it’s a bit of bittersweet drama. We’ll get to that in a sec, but first, let’s talk about what we were developing.

Eric took on Tasma Mikrat 200 in Rodinal – yes it’s another test. And Vania is developing the same in HC-110. How does it all turn out? Let’s find out.

While we work, we talk about stop baths! Do you need them? What’s an acid stop? How about an indicator stop? Is water okay? It’s exciting, we promise.

At the end, we also delve into a bit of failure. You’ll see.

Episode 009 – A Very Linty Vibe

We’re easing into things with this first episode of the new year. Eric is a little mellow, while Vania gets chatty. Vania almost mentions her new portraits zine, and we’re both pretty glad the holidays are over.

There’s more Tasma Mikrat 200 testing and a leaky bulk loader to mix things up.

I Hate Your Answering Machine
Moving to the answering machine message, we heard from a slew of folks about their film photographic resolutions for the new year. Zines are a big part of it, as is the idea of shooting more purposeful shots. Less is more!

Our own answers are much the same, though Eric’s was thwarted by that Tasma Mikrat thing. Vania wants to unload. You’ll see.

Let’s Call Aloy!
With all this talk of testing film, we gave a call to Aloy Anderson, a Lomography tester, rural explorer and all around sweet guy.

In this enchanting little interview, we talk those things, as well as his foray into in-camera cyanotypes.

Anatomy of a Shot
In a new segment we’re trying out, we talk about a couple of shots from our newish zine, Fuck Yeah We Do.

Vania recalls her Angel’s Landing shot from the great-for-hiking camera the Mamiya RB67, and the exhaustive hilarity that ensued.

Eric looks back to one of the first rolls he shot in the 1914 Brownie Box. He’s tried to capture this 2012 shot over the years, but has never managed it. Vania discovers why.

Zine Reviews
With a basket full of zines to review, we take on four this episode!

Vania takes on zines by previous-guest Anne Hollond (@annehollond on IG). And Eric looks at Toni Skokovic’s 07-26-19.

Together, they peruse two of Edward Conde’s zines from the past couple of years.

Let’s Go!
As we parted, we told you about the new website (which you’ve obviously found) and new mini-episode-experiments called Dev Party.

See you next Tuesday!

Dev Party: Episode 1

While we take some holiday time off, we thought it would be fun (?) to try out a new idea. We’ve been kicking around the idea of mini-episodes for some time now, and here’s our first attempt.

Basically we (Vania and Eric) each develop a couple of rolls of film. She does color, he does black & white. We talk a little about our own process and maybe you’d find this interesting. Who knows? This includes the emulsion that we’re testing for a possible re-branding. What is it? Does it work? What’s the what? Listen and find out!

Eric’s Flickr

Vania’s Flickr


Episode 003 – Kinda Want To Go To Kansas


On this, the Third Episode – Kinda Want to Go to Kansas – Vania (@surfmartian) and Eric (@conspiracy.of.cartographers) chit chat about their weekends. Vania shot (and took part in) a long board competition, while Eric shot a bunch of old rail cars.

The answering machine was filled up letting us know what they like about some of their favorite emulsions.

We also answer, with Eric gushing about Vericolor III and Vania surprising everyone with a soliloquy about Kentmere 100.

To get her take on it (and much more), we called up Anne Hollond (@annehollond on IG). Her answer is a bit from left field, but if you know her work, should be not surprising at all. The discussion drifted to Kansas and the flat Earth theory (which were weirdly not related).

We then correct some mistakes in last episode’s Colorama segment, and roll our eyes at Kodak a bit.

Eric gives his review of the film Vania sent him (Ultrafine Extreme 400). Vania decides that she’s ready for Rodinal. Finally.

We review zines by William Hopkins and Neil Pipper. And that about wraps it up!

Music was provided by Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers.

003 – Kinda Want To Go To Kansas

Episode 002 – If You Set it On Fire, Then It’s Special


On the Second Episode – If You Set it On Fire, Then It’s Special – Vania (@surfmartian) and Eric (@conspiracy.of.cartographers) check in with each other to find out how their recent travels turned out. While they both camped along US 395, they did so about 1000 miles apart. Vania focused on landscapes, while Eric tried to wiggle back into shooting small towns.

We had answering machine messages in response to the question “What keeps you shooting all through the year?” We also try our best to avoid answering it.

Unable to figure it out, we called up Brandy (@film_diary_of_a_redhead; @that365life on Instagram) and talked about projects, portraits and Pride, film and magic (the real kind).

Because Colorama photographer Neil Montanus died this past month, we thought it would be a good idea to do a dive into Kodak’s Colorama display, which ran for forty years in Grand Central Station. It was the world’s largest photograph, afterall.

Vania loaned Eric her Hasselblad 500EL, and Eric, though thankful, has got some feelings about it. Just how does it compare to a cheap plastic 620 camera? And why are we talking about dark jingoism?

We round out the episode with zine reviews of Views from Tucson, Issue Two by Kikie Wilkins (@kikiewilkins on IG) and All Of a Sudden I Miss Everyone by Karl Bailey (@karlbailey on IG).

Music was provided by Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers.

Episode 002 – If You Set it On Fire, Then It’s Special

Episode 001 – A Very High-Tech Battery


It’s the very first episode of All Through a Lens! To start things off, we – Vania and Eric – introduce ourselves a bit before checking the answering machine.

The first episode asks “What draws you back to photograph the same places?” A bunch of folks called in to give us their replies.

To dig a bit deeper, we then call up Hannah Grace, a large format, hiking, new mom photographer who blows our mines with her badassery. Completely.

Recovered somewhat, we make plans to exchange cheap ass film and some moon camera with a high tech battery. A Zorki, perhaps?

We talk a bit about some upcoming ideas (movie night!) and covered some sad news – three times. This awkwardly leads us into advice from a stuffy dead white guy.

Some self-serving zine talk (with appeals for trades and zines to review) naturally wound us down.

The Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers opened and closed (with some bits in the middle.

Episode 001 – A Very High-Tech Battery