Episode 33 – Done With The Sugar Coating

On our first show of the year, we’ve got the second part of our feature on the Zone System (remember that?), we are interviewing Danielle Wrobleski aka @girlwithtoomanycameras, there’s the answering machine and we’ll finally talk about our winter projects! Danielle! You might know her as girlwithtoomanycameras on Instagram. You might also know her aboutContinue reading “Episode 33 – Done With The Sugar Coating”

Episode 32 – A Very Dumpsterish Fire

Hey! We basically made it through 2020! And while the number of the year is essentially arbitrary and nothing will automatically change because we add a digit, we guess it’s something to celebrate, right? Soooo anyway, on this, our very last show the year, we’ll be hearing from guests of episodes’ past, reviewing zines we’veContinue reading “Episode 32 – A Very Dumpsterish Fire”

Episode 31 – A Very Zoney System

On this week’s show we’re talking to the hardest working man in photography – Jamie Maldonado (@jamiemphoto on IG). Our feature this week is our first part of two about the Zone System – we’ll be doing our best to wade through that mess and tell you about how we’ve used it to take aContinue reading “Episode 31 – A Very Zoney System”

Episode 30 – The Jovial Marigold

On this week’s show we give a call to Megan Karson (@megankarson on IG), a tintype photographer. We’ll take another quick shot at the whole E-6 thing. We’ve got zine reviews and more fun. Plus we’ll tell you about Julia E. Tuell, a little-known photographer of Native Americans who was one of the few whoContinue reading “Episode 30 – The Jovial Marigold”

Episode 29 – It’s Brine Time!

Yo-ho! We’re on this week’s show, we’re talking to Pete Halvorsen (@petehalvorsen on IG) about his seaside photography. Following that, we’ll plumb the depths of underwater photography from the first photo to Jacques Cousteau. We’ll also discuss some of our recent film failures and why we don’t shoot digital – the reasons might not beContinue reading “Episode 29 – It’s Brine Time!”

Episode 28 – I Have Seen My Death

On this week’s spookyish show… we’re talking about x-ray film and x-rays in general, really. What are they? How’d all that happen and what’s with x-ray film? We’ll talk about cameras stealing souls, and also talk to Montana photographer Leland Buck (@leland.buck on IG). After we field some messages concerning the emulsion our listeners wouldContinue reading “Episode 28 – I Have Seen My Death”

Episode 27 – The Opera of Photography

We’re talking about Kodak Ektachrome – the history of the film and the various processes used to develop it. We’ll also give you some advice on shooting and developing expired film. We’ve got the answering machine question, some more trivia, AND we’ll give a call to Janet (@janet_built_a_wet_plate on IG), the woman who built herContinue reading “Episode 27 – The Opera of Photography”

Episode 26 – From Russia with Photobooths

On this week’s show we are laser-focused upon photobooths! Where did they come from and where have they gone? And what were they doing along the way? We’ll also be talking to Breanna Conley Saxon (@saybrebooth on IG) about … photobooths! She’s got a few and we get to talk to her about them! There’sContinue reading “Episode 26 – From Russia with Photobooths”

Episode 25 – When Things Get Old They Turn Black & White

On this week’s show… it’s our one year anniversary! We’ll be taking a quick look back to our very very first episode, we’ll call up our podcast daddy Graeme from Sunny 16. We’re also going to be taking a well ordered look at composition: what is it and do we even care? Oh, and weContinue reading “Episode 25 – When Things Get Old They Turn Black & White”

Episode 24 – What’s With the Fancy F?

On this episode, we delve into the weird history of f/stops! We also talk to Liz Potter (@lizpotterphotography) about pinhole photography, double exposures and making custom, handmade books. There’s a brief issue with E-6 silliness, zine reviews, and the answering machine question. After a bit of chin-wagging, we wonder a bit about “gatekeeping” when itContinue reading “Episode 24 – What’s With the Fancy F?”