Murder vs. Death: Books of Crime Scene Photos (w/ Jon Hilty)

We talk to Jon Hilty (@amphetadreamer on IG) because we were wrong about Autochromes! There’s also some history about the View-Master, and we take a good look at two books of early crime scene photos. There’s also Tiffen (@tiffen.sinclair on IG), zine reviews and some other fun along the way. Jon Hilty: DIY Autochromes InContinue reading “Murder vs. Death: Books of Crime Scene Photos (w/ Jon Hilty)”

Kodak’s New Prices and How We’re Never Happy

This episode is all about Kodak’s recent price increases: Why’d they do it? How high will they get? And what the hell do we do now? But it’s not just us who will be talking – we asked a few former guests and some friends of the show their thoughts on it. There’s also theContinue reading “Kodak’s New Prices and How We’re Never Happy”

Carte de Vistas: The First Social Media Experiment (w/ HawnFawn)

And on this episode, we’re winding our timelines back to the first social media experiment (that seems to have gone a LOT better than the current one) – CDVs, Cabinet Cards and the mania they kicked up. We’ll also be talking to Bay Area portrait photographer and everybody’s best friend, Han Phan (@hawnfawn on IG)! Continue reading “Carte de Vistas: The First Social Media Experiment (w/ HawnFawn)”

Ghosts, Orbs, and Exploding Nitrate Film (with Dave Wilson of Victorian Photography Studio)

On this spooky episode, we’ll be talking to Dave from Victorian Photo Studio in Gettysburg (@vps_gettysburg on IG) about tintypes and ghost photos! We’ll also tell you all about some ridiculously explosive film that was essentially gunpowder.  Ever wanted to know how to spot a fake ghost photo? It’s pretty easy, but we’ll tell youContinue reading “Ghosts, Orbs, and Exploding Nitrate Film (with Dave Wilson of Victorian Photography Studio)”

French Surrealism and Chill (with Kalie Frisky)

On this episode we will be chatting it up with Kalie Frisky, we’ll explore collaborations through  the somewhat recently re-discovered work by Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore – two French Surrealists in love! Also Tiffin’s fit with film will drop a new hit, there’s the answering machine, and we’ll have a little bit of funContinue reading “French Surrealism and Chill (with Kalie Frisky)”

The Flight of the Pigeon Photographers (with Izzie Farr)

This episode is a mixed bag of goodness. We’ll be talking to Izzie Farr (@izzie_farr on IG), who authored an open letter to Kodak that recently got a bit of attention. Autumn is basically upon us, so we’ll talk a little bit about school pictures (while dredging up some questionable memories). And also pigeon photographers:Continue reading “The Flight of the Pigeon Photographers (with Izzie Farr)”

The Archiving of Lora Webb Nichols

This episode is basically all Lora Webb Nichols. We’ll tell you a bit about her life, a little about her photos, and we’ll talk to Nancy Anderson, the woman responsible for saving her collection. And speaking of saving collections, we’re covering how places like the Smithsonian preserve their photography archives, and how we can allContinue reading “The Archiving of Lora Webb Nichols”

Rocket Summer (with Tiffen Sinclair)

Welcome to Season Three! On our first episode back, we tell you how we spent our summer vacations. Tiffen @tiffen.sinclair on IG) will drop by for a chat about her summer. And we’ll give you a quick history of rocket-cameras. Also, the answering machine and zine reviews! Tiffen Sinclair When we last checked in withContinue reading “Rocket Summer (with Tiffen Sinclair)”

Episode 45 – Season Finale – Eian & Kate Miller-Wilson, Also Nell Dorr

Welcome, won’t you, to the season finale of All Through a Lens. This is one hell of a show and we are, dare I say, stoked! We’ve got such an incredible guest in Eian Miller-Wilson – you might recognize his last name – Miller-Wilson – from Kate (@katemillerwilson on IG), his mother. Eian appears inContinue reading “Episode 45 – Season Finale – Eian & Kate Miller-Wilson, Also Nell Dorr”

Episode 44 – Hansel Mieth: WORKING CLASS Photographer (w/ Heartless Twyla)

T-shirt Bundle pre-sale: On this episode, we’re talking to Heartless Twyla (@heartlesstwyla on IG) about her new book that revisits a traumatic past; we’ll tell you all about Hansel Mieth, a photographer of the working poor who was actually working poor herself. There’s the answering machine, zine reviews, and something called The Holga Games!Continue reading “Episode 44 – Hansel Mieth: WORKING CLASS Photographer (w/ Heartless Twyla)”