Episode 40 – Deep Dark Blue: Cyanotypes and Denise Grays

We’ve got a case of the mean blues!  – it’s Cyanotypes this episode! What are they, where’d they come from and how can You, the listener at home, do them? We also talk to Denise Grays (@deniseg316) about Kansas and her new zine, A Love Letter to Kansas. Tiffen Sinclair (@tiffen.sinclair) drops by with someContinue reading “Episode 40 – Deep Dark Blue: Cyanotypes and Denise Grays”

Episode 39 – Of Mindfulness and Impostor Syndrome — Roxannalog!

Tonight, on a very special All Through a Lens… we’re going to be talking about quite a bit more than just film photography. We’ll welcome Roxanna Angles and discuss Mindfulness through Photography. Both Vania and I will be digging into Impostor Syndrome and how to get out of that weird little spiral. There’s a bitContinue reading “Episode 39 – Of Mindfulness and Impostor Syndrome — Roxannalog!”

Episode 38 – Marion Post Wolcott: Photographers Need Pockets

On this episode we get to meet Tiffen Sinclare (@tiffen.sinclair on IG), host of the Fit with Film podcast, and our new on the spot correspondent! We’ll also be talking a whole hell of a lot about FSA photographer Marion Post Wolcott. There’s the answering machine, zine reviews, loads more fun… Tiffen Sinclair We interviewedContinue reading “Episode 38 – Marion Post Wolcott: Photographers Need Pockets”

Episode 37 – A Man With A Camera (And a Death Wish)

This is an action packed episode full of teenage street gangs and bank robbers! We’re going to introduce you a late 50s TV show all about a freelance photographer played by a youngish Charles Bronson. We’ll be talking to Jaya Bhat (@jayabhat on IG) about Polacon SF. We’ve got a book review, an zine review,Continue reading “Episode 37 – A Man With A Camera (And a Death Wish)”

Episode 36 – Shirley, You Can’t Be Serious

On episode 36, we talk to Liz Potter (@lizpotterphotography on IG), whose zines basically put the rest of ours to sad, sad shame. We talk a bit about the Shirley Card and what it meant to not just color film, but to people of color. There’s also a zine review and the answering machine. PlusContinue reading “Episode 36 – Shirley, You Can’t Be Serious”

Episode 35 – Reciprocity Failure And The Lives It’s Destroyed

On this episode we’ll be calling up Or Sachs (@or_sachs on IG) all the way the hell over there in Israel! We’ll also be wading through the slow murky depths of reciprocity failure – what is it, why should you care, and do we? Apart from that we’ve got the answering machine, a letter fromContinue reading “Episode 35 – Reciprocity Failure And The Lives It’s Destroyed”

Episode 34 – Poets, Prophets, Painters, And Lovely Maidens

On this episode we’re fluttering back to the 1860s to tell you all about Julia Margaret Cameron and her weird and ethereal photos . We’ll be talking to photographer and model Sarah Jean Achor (@sarahjeanachor on Insta). We’ve also got zine reviews and the answering machine.  Sarah Jean Achor On this episode, we’ll be givingContinue reading “Episode 34 – Poets, Prophets, Painters, And Lovely Maidens”

Episode 33 – Done With The Sugar Coating

On our first show of the year, we’ve got the second part of our feature on the Zone System (remember that?), we are interviewing Danielle Wrobleski aka @girlwithtoomanycameras, there’s the answering machine and we’ll finally talk about our winter projects! Danielle! You might know her as girlwithtoomanycameras on Instagram. You might also know her aboutContinue reading “Episode 33 – Done With The Sugar Coating”

Episode 32 – A Very Dumpsterish Fire

Hey! We basically made it through 2020! And while the number of the year is essentially arbitrary and nothing will automatically change because we add a digit, we guess it’s something to celebrate, right? Soooo anyway, on this, our very last show the year, we’ll be hearing from guests of episodes’ past, reviewing zines we’veContinue reading “Episode 32 – A Very Dumpsterish Fire”

Episode 31 – A Very Zoney System

On this week’s show we’re talking to the hardest working man in photography – Jamie Maldonado (@jamiemphoto on IG). Our feature this week is our first part of two about the Zone System – we’ll be doing our best to wade through that mess and tell you about how we’ve used it to take aContinue reading “Episode 31 – A Very Zoney System”