Hampton Comes Alive (w/ Rick Barbosa) – Episode 62

We’ve cobbled together a fine ass show for you! We’ll be talking to Rick Barbosa (IG: @m0untainm0ney), wildland firefighter and photographer. We’ll also connect a few of our past stories while telling you about Frances Benjamin Johnston’s Hampton Album of black and Native American students in the early 1900s. And then there’s Alfred Stiegletz, realContinue reading “Hampton Comes Alive (w/ Rick Barbosa) – Episode 62”

Grain is Clumps, Okay? (w/ Jess Hobbs) – Episode 61

On this episode we’re talking to photographer, podcaster, and YouTuber Jess Hobbs! We’ll also break out the lab jackets and talk about the science behind film and development. Not only that, we’ll welcome The Film Detectives  – they’re together again for the first time! We’ve also got some great answering machine responses, and a reallyContinue reading “Grain is Clumps, Okay? (w/ Jess Hobbs) – Episode 61”

Dev Party – And Then There Was Alan

On this episode of Dev Party we’ve got a guest! It’s Alan Marx (@alanbeingalan on IG)! He joins us in “The Futures” because Vania developed a roll of film that he shot. That was a roll of expired Fuji Neopan 1600 that he shot with a Pentax K1000. Vania developed the roll in PMK 1+2+100;Continue reading “Dev Party – And Then There Was Alan”

Don’t Hassle Me, I’m Local (w/ Charlie Camuglia and Sara Murphy) – Episode 60

On this unique little episode, we’ve found ourselves a couple of new correspondents – Sara Murphy and Charlie Chux Camuglia! We’ll also be talking about  W.E.B. Du Bois and hundreds of photos of black Americans which he presented at the 1900 Paris Expo. And as usual, there’s the answering machine question, a couple of zineContinue reading “Don’t Hassle Me, I’m Local (w/ Charlie Camuglia and Sara Murphy) – Episode 60”

Ready for a Picnic: Solo Camping and Photography (with Liz Potter)

We’ve got a fairly unique show for you today. We’ll be talking with Liz Potter (@lizpotterphotography on IG) – not about Polaroid lifts, but about the photos she takes while camping solo. Along with that, we’ll look into how photographers camped out in the old days, and how their experiences compare to our own. We’llContinue reading “Ready for a Picnic: Solo Camping and Photography (with Liz Potter)”

A Little Beauty in Everything: Imogen Cunningham; (w/ Serbest Salih from Sirkhane Darkroom)

On this episode we are talking to Serbest Salih of the Sirkhane Mobile Darkroom along the Turkey Syrian border. We’ll also be presenting the second part of our story on Imogen Cunningham. Before that, there’s a couple of photographically-related songs that we’d like to tell you about. There’s also the answering machine, zine reviews andContinue reading “A Little Beauty in Everything: Imogen Cunningham; (w/ Serbest Salih from Sirkhane Darkroom)”

Dishpan and Darkroom: Imogene Cunningham (w/ Courtney Coles)

On today’s show we’ll be talking to photographer Courtney Coles (@kernieflakes) about her warm and quiet photos. We’ll also discuss the various photographic incarnations of Imogen Cunningham. Vania’s recently taken some cinematic inspiration – there’s the answering machine, zine reviews, and so much more! Courtney Coles Courtney Coles is a photographer, writer and professor, bornContinue reading “Dishpan and Darkroom: Imogene Cunningham (w/ Courtney Coles)”

Kodak Girls and a Photographic Revolution (w/ Angel O’Brien)

On this episode, we talk to Angel O’brien, @5x7angel on IG, about her strange and beautiful self-portrait and collage work. We’ll also be taking a long look at how Kodak advertised to women over a century ago – did they start a revolution or were they just along for the ride? Want a bit ofContinue reading “Kodak Girls and a Photographic Revolution (w/ Angel O’Brien)”

Through Songs and Magpies: Listening to Images (w/ Jordan Tiberio)

And we’re back! It’s been a wonderful little break, but it’s even better to be back in the studio and chitty some chat. On this episode, we’ll be talking to photographer and collector Jordan Tiberio (@jordantiberio on IG)! We’ll also consider how sound interacts with our work and we’ll talk about a couple of songsContinue reading “Through Songs and Magpies: Listening to Images (w/ Jordan Tiberio)”

Disposable Cameras and Their Permanence (w/ Jenny Sampson)

On this episode, we’re talking to Jenny Sampson (@jennysampsonphotography on IG), tintypist and author of Skater Girls. We’ll also be taking a good long look at disposable cameras – from the very first in 1886 to the very last … to be released by Kodak in the near future – Apparently, the future is disposableContinue reading “Disposable Cameras and Their Permanence (w/ Jenny Sampson)”