Dev Party – Stand and the Basics

We’re taking it back to the basics! Have you never devved before? Have you devved a long time ago and want a refresher? This might be the episode for you! Both Eric and Vania devved in Rodinal. Vania took the easy way out and did a 60min semi-stand with a mix of 1+100. Here areContinue reading “Dev Party – Stand and the Basics”

Dev Party – Don’t Talk To Me Before I’ve Had My Caffenol!

Let’s do something Eric never wanted to do! He never wanted to mess with caffenol, not even a little bit. But after a few life-changing events, he’s seen the error of his ways and here we are. Caffenol. Basically. Eric and Vania both developed using roughly the same caffenol recipe, which is here: For 500ml:Continue reading “Dev Party – Don’t Talk To Me Before I’ve Had My Caffenol!”

Dev Party – Spilling the Tea with Cyanotypes

On this episode of Dev Party, we’re doing something a bit different. We’re not developing film, but making a few cyanotypes, bleaching them and then tanning them in tea and/or coffee! Eric made three cyanotypes using Photographer’s Formulary Cyanotype Kit and a UV lamp. The lamp is made by Everbeam. It’s the 365nm 50w LEDContinue reading “Dev Party – Spilling the Tea with Cyanotypes”

Dev Party – A Crash Course in Remjet Surgery

On this impromptu episode of Dev Party, we’re going commercial! Okay, not really, but we *are* using Eric’s ECN-2 kit to develop Kodak Motion Picture film in 120! Now, this isn’t Cinestill – this is the raw stuff, complete with Remjet coating! Remjet is a thin carbon coating on the non-emulsion side of motion pictureContinue reading “Dev Party – A Crash Course in Remjet Surgery”

Dev Party – X-Ray in the Tickle Tent (Again-ish)

On this weird little episode of Dev Party, Eric re-enters the Tickle Tent – his portable darkroom tent – to tray develop some Fuji HR-U X-ray film. Badly. He does it very badly. Meanwhile, Vania develops two sheets of color and somehow winds up with four sheets. What is this trickery? Find out! Here isContinue reading “Dev Party – X-Ray in the Tickle Tent (Again-ish)”

Dev Party – Technically Technical Almost Panchromatic

On the first Dev Party of 2022, Eric dips a little bit into Kodak Technical Pan, aka, Techpan! Meanwhile, Vania develops some Ilford FP4+ she shot through her Voightlander Väg. Eric developed Techpan (for some reason) in PMK; 5+10+450 for 12mins. Since the film had expired in October of 1992, he shot it at 6iso.Continue reading “Dev Party – Technically Technical Almost Panchromatic”

Dev Party – Encouraging Casual Conversation (while Developing)

In this episode, we are just kicking back, developing some film and having a lovely little chat. The conversation meanders from film to developers, from that one town in Idaho or maybe Montana to whatever. Vania developed a mystery roll of Vericolor II (expired in the early 80s), and speculates as to what’s on it.Continue reading “Dev Party – Encouraging Casual Conversation (while Developing)”

Dev Party – The Great Exchange

On this episode, we talk about our experiences shooting each others cameras (while developing the film we’re talking about). Vania shot Eric’s Mamiya m645j, while Eric shot Vania’s Hasselblad 500C. Answering the previous episode’s Answering Machine Question, we both talk about the various animal encounters we’ve had (some together!). Eric developed Foma Retropan 320 inContinue reading “Dev Party – The Great Exchange”

Nailed to the Xtol (or Maybe Exel)

Finally… Finally Vania returns to Xtol, the developer that nearly killed her (in a very metaphorical sense). Meanwhile, Eric tries out Foma’s version of Xtol called Fomadon Exel. Both are ascorbic acid developers, and while Kodak claims that Xtol is good for “fine grain and high sharpness,” Foma claims that Exel is great for “fineContinue reading “Nailed to the Xtol (or Maybe Exel)”