Dev Party – The Panatomic Brain

On this episode of Dev Party, both Eric and Vania develop some very expired Panatomic X! What is Panatomic X? This legendary emulsion of old was once the most beloved black & white film of professional photographers of decades past. Vania’s Panatomic X expired in November of 1982, while Eric’s went “bad” a few monthsContinue reading “Dev Party – The Panatomic Brain”

Dev Party – Skate Or Don’t

On this otherwise laid back episode of Dev Party, Vania has had a bit too much coffee and Eric notices. Vania visited a skate park under a bridge and photographed its re-construction. She did so using her Hasselblad ELS (the Moon Camera from episode one). She shot it on a 220 roll of Shanghai 100.Continue reading “Dev Party – Skate Or Don’t”

Dev Party – Embarrassingly Heavy Cream

Welcome to another episode of Dev Party! Along with developing some film, we’ve got our first entry in the embarrassing (photography-related) stories request. This was submitted by a listener who thought a milk dress would be a good idea. Hint: It was. Also, Vania thinks her face is “presidential,” but not in a good way.Continue reading “Dev Party – Embarrassingly Heavy Cream”

Dev Party – Stop or I Shall Say Stop Again!

On this episode of Dev Party, we’re hearing from a tired and sickly Vania, while Eric contemplates stop baths. There’s also some more talk about non-photography stuff we keep in our camera bags (guess which one of us carries nothing extra!). Vania developed a roll of Ilford SFX in HC-110, and here are a fewContinue reading “Dev Party – Stop or I Shall Say Stop Again!”

Dev Party – Dry Plates All Wet

On this episode of Dev Party, Eric and Vania develop dry plates! That’s right! Photographic emulsion on glass! How does that work? Basically like film – with a catch. Vania shot Zebra Dry Plates and developed in HC-110. Here’s one: And Eric developed a J. Lane Dry Plate, but effed up the exposure and gotContinue reading “Dev Party – Dry Plates All Wet”

Dev Party – Stand and the Basics

We’re taking it back to the basics! Have you never devved before? Have you devved a long time ago and want a refresher? This might be the episode for you! Both Eric and Vania devved in Rodinal. Vania took the easy way out and did a 60min semi-stand with a mix of 1+100. Here areContinue reading “Dev Party – Stand and the Basics”

Dev Party – Don’t Talk To Me Before I’ve Had My Caffenol!

Let’s do something Eric never wanted to do! He never wanted to mess with caffenol, not even a little bit. But after a few life-changing events, he’s seen the error of his ways and here we are. Caffenol. Basically. Eric and Vania both developed using roughly the same caffenol recipe, which is here: For 500ml:Continue reading “Dev Party – Don’t Talk To Me Before I’ve Had My Caffenol!”

Dev Party – Spilling the Tea with Cyanotypes

On this episode of Dev Party, we’re doing something a bit different. We’re not developing film, but making a few cyanotypes, bleaching them and then tanning them in tea and/or coffee! Eric made three cyanotypes using Photographer’s Formulary Cyanotype Kit and a UV lamp. The lamp is made by Everbeam. It’s the 365nm 50w LEDContinue reading “Dev Party – Spilling the Tea with Cyanotypes”

Dev Party – A Crash Course in Remjet Surgery

On this impromptu episode of Dev Party, we’re going commercial! Okay, not really, but we *are* using Eric’s ECN-2 kit to develop Kodak Motion Picture film in 120! Now, this isn’t Cinestill – this is the raw stuff, complete with Remjet coating! Remjet is a thin carbon coating on the non-emulsion side of motion pictureContinue reading “Dev Party – A Crash Course in Remjet Surgery”

Dev Party – X-Ray in the Tickle Tent (Again-ish)

On this weird little episode of Dev Party, Eric re-enters the Tickle Tent – his portable darkroom tent – to tray develop some Fuji HR-U X-ray film. Badly. He does it very badly. Meanwhile, Vania develops two sheets of color and somehow winds up with four sheets. What is this trickery? Find out! Here isContinue reading “Dev Party – X-Ray in the Tickle Tent (Again-ish)”