Dev Party – Pre-Game for the Old Flame (Too Many What?)

On this, our first true Dev Party of the new season, half of us are developing film and the other half are talking about a new old camera, famous and infamous! What could it be? Tune in! Eric is the one developing. He’s got eight sheets of Ansco Versapan from May of 1964. He shotContinue reading “Dev Party – Pre-Game for the Old Flame (Too Many What?)”

Dev Party – Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls (or Do, Actually)

On this episode of Dev Party, Vania shoots some Fuji Pro400H while Eric messes with Fomapan 400. Vania shot these with a Nikon F and a 50mm lens. The Pro 400 H did okay, she supposes. Here are her photos, taken on her trip to Northern California. Meanwhile, Eric shot a couple of sheets ofContinue reading “Dev Party – Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls (or Do, Actually)”

Dev Party – Vania Takes a Trip, Eric Takes a Hike

On this episode, surprisingly, Vania takes a trip and Eric takes a hike! Vania heads up to northern California to a Hobo Convention. She tells us all about it and shares some of the sheets she shot. Meanwhile, Eric explores an abandoned house. Vania shot Fomapan 200 through her Graflex Super D 4×5. Here theyContinue reading “Dev Party – Vania Takes a Trip, Eric Takes a Hike”

Dev Party – Decadence!

On this episode of Dev Party, Vania and Eric (@surfmartian and @conspiracy.of.cartographers on IG) talk about going back to locations shot long ago. Vania developed Kodak Ektachrome in one of Cinestill’s slide film developers (and once she’s experimented with it more, we’ll do an episode about it). Here are her shots: Meanwhile, Eric revisited aContinue reading “Dev Party – Decadence!”

Dev Party – Plus X and Aerial: Together Again for the First Time!

On this fine little episode of Dev Party, we’re up in the air! Vania shoots some well-known skaters on Fuji Pro H 400 with the RB67. Meanwhile, Eric tests out some potentially oldish Plus X Aerial film cut down to 4×5… and it’s got sprockets! Why the sprockets? Listen and find out! Here are twoContinue reading “Dev Party – Plus X and Aerial: Together Again for the First Time!”

Dev Party – The Panatomic Brain

On this episode of Dev Party, both Eric and Vania develop some very expired Panatomic X! What is Panatomic X? This legendary emulsion of old was once the most beloved black & white film of professional photographers of decades past. Vania’s Panatomic X expired in November of 1982, while Eric’s went “bad” a few monthsContinue reading “Dev Party – The Panatomic Brain”

Dev Party – Skate Or Don’t

On this otherwise laid back episode of Dev Party, Vania has had a bit too much coffee and Eric notices. Vania visited a skate park under a bridge and photographed its re-construction. She did so using her Hasselblad ELS (the Moon Camera from episode one). She shot it on a 220 roll of Shanghai 100.Continue reading “Dev Party – Skate Or Don’t”

Dev Party – Embarrassingly Heavy Cream

Welcome to another episode of Dev Party! Along with developing some film, we’ve got our first entry in the embarrassing (photography-related) stories request. This was submitted by a listener who thought a milk dress would be a good idea. Hint: It was. Also, Vania thinks her face is “presidential,” but not in a good way.Continue reading “Dev Party – Embarrassingly Heavy Cream”

Dev Party – Stop or I Shall Say Stop Again!

On this episode of Dev Party, we’re hearing from a tired and sickly Vania, while Eric contemplates stop baths. There’s also some more talk about non-photography stuff we keep in our camera bags (guess which one of us carries nothing extra!). Vania developed a roll of Ilford SFX in HC-110, and here are a fewContinue reading “Dev Party – Stop or I Shall Say Stop Again!”

Dev Party – Dry Plates All Wet

On this episode of Dev Party, Eric and Vania develop dry plates! That’s right! Photographic emulsion on glass! How does that work? Basically like film – with a catch. Vania shot Zebra Dry Plates and developed in HC-110. Here’s one: And Eric developed a J. Lane Dry Plate, but effed up the exposure and gotContinue reading “Dev Party – Dry Plates All Wet”