Dev Party – This Must Be the Place (Maybe?)

On this episode of Dev Party we talk about our week and develop a couple of rolls of something or other. Vania developed some expired Vericolor III in C-41. Here are some of her shots: Meanwhile, Eric developed Fomapan 400 in Pyro PMK. Here are his shots: We also answer the question: is there aContinue reading “Dev Party – This Must Be the Place (Maybe?)”

Dev Party – Summer Rockets

One this, our first Dev Party of the season, we answer part of the question: what did we do on our summer vacation. In this case, we fired off model rockets with cameras attached to them. Specifically, we shot a pair of Estes Astrocam 110s in the Alvord Desert, Oregon. With each launch (when weContinue reading “Dev Party – Summer Rockets”

Dev Party – The Future Draweth Nigh

Think of this Dev Party as the introduction to the Third Season of All Through a Lens. We discuss the future of our humble little podcast while developing photos we shot after returning from our respective breaks. Vania (@surfmartian on IG) developed Velvia 100F in C-41 because “I do what I want.” It was aContinue reading “Dev Party – The Future Draweth Nigh”

Dev Party #44 – Expired High School Color 1000!

Somehow or another both Eric and Vania ended up developing slide film that expired when both of them were in high school. Eric shot AgfaChrome 1000RS and devved it in ECN-2, while Vania took on Kodak PMZ Kodak 1000 in C-41 Here are Vania’s, shot at 200ISO: And here are Eric’s shot at 50ISO: ENDContinue reading “Dev Party #44 – Expired High School Color 1000!”

Dev Party #43 – Greetings from the Shanghai Delta 3200

While Eric develops some Shanghai GP3 100 in HC-110, Vania goes for some Ilford Delta 3200 – except she can’t remember what she shot it in. Was it a Holga? Was it a Yashica? Why would it be either? How could she forget? Tune in and find out! Here are some of Eric’s pics: AndContinue reading “Dev Party #43 – Greetings from the Shanghai Delta 3200”

Dev Party #42 – The Ortho to Life, the Universe, and Everything

Did you think that we wouldn’t try to figure out Arista Ortho Litho 3.0 yet again? You must not know us very well. While Eric tries to see if he can get it to develop properly in HC-110, Vania taunts him by developing Ultrafine Extreme 400 in Pyro PMK (Eric’s favorite film/dev combo). Here areContinue reading “Dev Party #42 – The Ortho to Life, the Universe, and Everything”

Dev Party #41 – Summer Color (Portra is Trusty)

On this summer episode of Dev Party, we talk about our favorite color emulsions for summer while we develop color film! Eric developed some old Kodak Internegative film in one of his ECN-2 kits, while Vania developed Kodak Portra in C-41. Here are Eric’s shots, including the triptych: And here are Vania’s: Also, calm down,Continue reading “Dev Party #41 – Summer Color (Portra is Trusty)”

Dev Party #40 – The Holga Games

For our 40th Dev Party, Vania and Eric shot b&w and color rolls through their new Holgas. Vania had never shot one before, and Eric hadn’t done it in years and years. Here are some of Vania’s shots: And here are some of Eric’s: END CREDITS Vania: IG, Flickr, ZinesEric: IG, Flickr, Zines, ECN-2 Kits

Dev Party #39 – Big Bertha

This episode of Dev Party features special guest Big Bertha – Vania’s Graflex Super D (and the four sheets she developed today). Meanwhile, Eric tries again to figure out Arista Ortho Litho. Here are Vania’s shots: Additionally, Vania paid homage to Leroy Grannis: Meanwhile, there are Eric’s four END CREDITS Vania: IG, Flickr, ZinesEric: IG, Flickr, Zines, ECN-2 Kits

Dev PArty #38 – DIY Retro Special For Some Reason

On this very special episode of Dev Party, Vania develops Fomapan 100 in Foma Retro Special. Meanwhile, Eric develops Foma Retropan in Retro Special… but in a diabolical twist, he also makes his own DIY Retro Special based on past mistakes and MSDS sheets. Why? Why not? Here are Vania’s results with Foma 100: SheContinue reading “Dev PArty #38 – DIY Retro Special For Some Reason”