Dev Party – Stop it With the Vinegar, Okay?

On this episode of Dev Party we develop some film and answer some questions submitted by listeners. Vania (@surfmartian on IG) developed Cinestill 800 in C-41 chemistry. While Eric (@conspiracy.of.cartographers on IG) developed Kentmere 100 in 510-Pyro. We covered questions about how to shoot Fomapan (really, how to develop it), what to do with 120Continue reading “Dev Party – Stop it With the Vinegar, Okay?”

Dev Party – Questioning a Blind Spot

On this episode of Dev Party, Vania and Eric are starting something a bit different. We asked listeners to write in with questions about film developing, photography, or just anything, really. If you’ve got a question, just send it in via email or on IG. While answering questions from Brandy B @film_diary_of_a_redhead, Billy Sanford @bsanfordjrContinue reading “Dev Party – Questioning a Blind Spot”

Dev Party – The Ansel Method Revisited

On this episode we talk a bit about the Ansel Method – What is it? Why is it? Does it work? But more importantly, while we dev, Vania tells us all about her trip up north. Eric (@conspiracy.of.cartorgraphers on IG) shot Agfa APX25, which expired in 2003, in the greatest medium format camera ever made:Continue reading “Dev Party – The Ansel Method Revisited”

Dev Party – Abandon All Nope

On this episode of Dev Party we’re developing film and talking about the ethics of photographing abandoned places (sort of, you’ll see). Eric shot some Kodak TMax 100, expired in 1991. And because of this, we talk a bit about what we were doing that year. We’ve forgotten a lot. Meanwhile, Vania shot some PortraContinue reading “Dev Party – Abandon All Nope”

Dev Party – From the Water to the Grave

On this Dev Party – the first episode of the newest of years, Vania and Eric try some old and some new. There’s also quite a bit of graveyard talk, which makes a bit of sense. Vania developed some old ass Ilford Delta 400. It was long ago expired and absolutely looks it. Of course,Continue reading “Dev Party – From the Water to the Grave”

Dev Party – Wider Than Lux

On this episode of Dev Party, Vania has a something to share with the class! She got her hands on a Widelux panoramic camera and refuses to give it back! She shot some TMax P3200 around town and let’s see what they look like. Meanwhile, Eric developed the last seven sheets of expired Tri-X thatContinue reading “Dev Party – Wider Than Lux”

Dev Party – Vania, Why Is Lint?

On this episode of Dev Party, we ask the musical question: Why Is Lint? We also sort of somewhat answer it! Even though you didn’t specifically ask for it, we’re giving out unsolicited advice on how to deal with lint! Meanwhile, Vania developed some Fuji Acros in HC-110. She shot it in some Leica she’sContinue reading “Dev Party – Vania, Why Is Lint?”

Dev Party – The Results of Inspiration (Basically)

On this episode of Dev Party, Eric (@conspiracy.of.cartographers on IG) and Vania (@surfmartian on IG) talk a bit about how they plan to incorporate last episode’s inspiration into their lives. Vania shot Kodak Gold 200 in the Rolleiflex with a waterhousing. Eric shot some Foma 100 and devved it in FA-1027 (aka F76+) Vania wasContinue reading “Dev Party – The Results of Inspiration (Basically)”

Dev Party – The Family Just Disappeared

On this episode of Dev Party, we both develop color film in Eric’s DIY ECN-2 kits. Vania shot a roll of 220 through her Pentax – on the water, of course. Meanwhile, Eric explored an abandoned house with colorful walls and a bit of a mystery. That roll of 220 Vania shot was Kodak VericolorContinue reading “Dev Party – The Family Just Disappeared”

Dev Party – Stand Development and Ask Us Basically Anything

In some sort of celebration of our third anniversary, we did an AMA – Ask Us Anything. Most folks asked us about photography and developing (and none of the boring ‘desert island’ and ‘why film’ questions). We field a bunch of questions while waiting for our hour-long stand development to be over. Eric developed IlfordContinue reading “Dev Party – Stand Development and Ask Us Basically Anything”