All Through a Lens

  • Dev Party #43 – Greetings from the Shanghai Delta 3200

    July 27, 2021 by

    While Eric develops some Shanghai GP3 100 in HC-110, Vania goes for some Ilford Delta 3200 – except she can’t remember what she shot it in. Was it a Holga? Was it a Yashica? Why would it be either? How could she forget? Tune in and find out! Here are some of Eric’s pics: And here are Vania’s Delta 3200… *there was a brief… Read more

  • Dev Party #42 – The Ortho to Life, the Universe, and Everything

    July 13, 2021 by

    Did you think that we wouldn’t try to figure out Arista Ortho Litho 3.0 yet again? You must not know us very well. While Eric tries to see if he can get it to develop properly in HC-110, Vania taunts him by developing Ultrafine Extreme 400 in Pyro PMK (Eric’s favorite film/dev combo). Here are Eric’s results – Arista Ortho Litho 3.0 in HC-110;… Read more

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