Dev Party – Abandon All Nope

On this episode of Dev Party we’re developing film and talking about the ethics of photographing abandoned places (sort of, you’ll see). Eric shot some Kodak TMax 100, expired in 1991. And because of this, we talk a bit about what we were doing that year. We’ve forgotten a lot. Meanwhile, Vania shot some PortraContinue reading “Dev Party – Abandon All Nope”

Dev Party – From the Water to the Grave

On this Dev Party – the first episode of the newest of years, Vania and Eric try some old and some new. There’s also quite a bit of graveyard talk, which makes a bit of sense. Vania developed some old ass Ilford Delta 400. It was long ago expired and absolutely looks it. Of course,Continue reading “Dev Party – From the Water to the Grave”

Dev Party – Wider Than Lux

On this episode of Dev Party, Vania has a something to share with the class! She got her hands on a Widelux panoramic camera and refuses to give it back! She shot some TMax P3200 around town and let’s see what they look like. Meanwhile, Eric developed the last seven sheets of expired Tri-X thatContinue reading “Dev Party – Wider Than Lux”

Photography Changes Everything – Episode 75

We’ve got a family show for you today! It’s just Eric and Vania for this one. And we want to tell you have Photography Changes Everything. Everything!  We also want to tell you about some projects we’ve got coming up and a camera mystery we solved.  Luis Azarraga and the Camerama Luis Azarraga, a photographerContinue reading “Photography Changes Everything – Episode 75”

Dev Party – Vania, Why Is Lint?

On this episode of Dev Party, we ask the musical question: Why Is Lint? We also sort of somewhat answer it! Even though you didn’t specifically ask for it, we’re giving out unsolicited advice on how to deal with lint! Meanwhile, Vania developed some Fuji Acros in HC-110. She shot it in some Leica she’sContinue reading “Dev Party – Vania, Why Is Lint?”

There Were No Flowers: Margrethe Mather (w/ Travis Cannady)

We’re talking to Travis Cannady (@travis_cannady on IG), photographer and publisher of Better Off Zine. For our main feature, we’ll tell you the story of the nearly-forgotten, yet wildly influential Margretha Mather (@betteroffzine). And that means we’ll have to talk about Edward Weston too, so… apologizes all around. We’ve also a zine review and maybeContinue reading “There Were No Flowers: Margrethe Mather (w/ Travis Cannady)”

Dev Party – The Results of Inspiration (Basically)

On this episode of Dev Party, Eric (@conspiracy.of.cartographers on IG) and Vania (@surfmartian on IG) talk a bit about how they plan to incorporate last episode’s inspiration into their lives. Vania shot Kodak Gold 200 in the Rolleiflex with a waterhousing. Eric shot some Foma 100 and devved it in FA-1027 (aka F76+) Vania wasContinue reading “Dev Party – The Results of Inspiration (Basically)”

It’s Not The Opposite of Inspiration (w/ Jordanna Kalman) – Episode 73

And on this little episode – our 73rd – we’ll talk to Jordanna Kalman (@rabbitsparrow on IG), a photographer whose art doesn’t end with either the photograph or the print. We also look for some much needed inspiration from a few little-known photographers. There’s some tips on making anthology zines, as well as a zineContinue reading “It’s Not The Opposite of Inspiration (w/ Jordanna Kalman) – Episode 73”

Dev Party – Let’s Put the Fun in Funeral!

On this episode of Dev Party, Vania tells us all about the time she photographed a funeral – complete with bagpipes! While talking, Vania developed two things at once. We really don’t recommend it, but she apparently pulled it off! First up was some color film from an old disposable camera. She did this inContinue reading “Dev Party – Let’s Put the Fun in Funeral!”

Does the New Leica Matter At All? (w/ Lisa Toboz) – Episode 72

On this episode we’re taking a look at the new Leica M6 and what it means, if anything at all, to the film community and industry. Jess Hobbs (@jesshobbsphoto on IG) and Danielle Wrobleski (@girlwithtoomanycameras on IG) will help us out as we discuss this weirdly topical topic.  But before that, we’ll be talking toContinue reading “Does the New Leica Matter At All? (w/ Lisa Toboz) – Episode 72”