We are All Through a Lens.

We are an irreverent weekly podcast about the ups and downs of film photography.

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Here is where Vania’s bio will live.


I am mostly a travel photographer – that is I generally only shoot when I’m on the road. I shoot vintage cameras ranging from 1900 to the early 1980s. Much of the film that I shoot is well expired – some from the 50s, but most from the 80s and 90s. Though I’m quickly being priced out of that market. I shoot 35mm to 4×5.

When taking the photo, I try to capture how the place made me feel. On top of that, I impose weird little rules on myself. For example – I try not to have anything in the frame that’s obviously newer than 40 or so years. There are a few exceptions, but I generally try to give my stuff a more or less timeless feel.

It’s important to me that film photography remain as accessible to as many people as possible. The availability of cheap, but usable cameras and inexpensive film is essential to the continuation of what we love.

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