Earth Oddity and the Sunk-Cost Fallacy (with Amy Elizabeth & Liz Potter) – Episode 79

It’s another odd show, and we’re actually changing things up again! For most of the show we’ll be talking to Liz Potter (@lizpotterphotography on IG) and Amy Elizabeth (@itsamyliz on IG) about the Fallacy of the Sunk Cost Fallacy and why you shouldn’t just give up on a project.

We’ll have our regular banter, but Eric will also tell you a little about the first photos taken of the entire Earth – it’s both earlier and later than you think.

Amy’s article, “The Fallacy of Sunk-Cost Fallacy” is available here:

Amy’s website:

Liz’s website:

Eric references the book Through Astronaut Eyes; Photographing Early Human Spaceflight by Jennifer K. Levasseur. Link.


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