Bless Your Heart – Lee Miller and Man Ray (w/ Kat Swansey) – Episode 76

We are back from our long winter’s nap with a wonderful show for you. We’ll be talking with the amazing Kat Swansey (@katswanseyphoto on IG) about her new book, and then sharing with you another story of collaboration and love gone wrong with Lee Miller and Man Ray. We’ve got the answering machine question, and a bit of housekeeping, so welcome the hell back to All Through a Lens!

Kat Swansey

We first talked to Kat Swansey all the way back in episode 18. We fell in love with her straight forward depictions of small town Texas. But now she’s back with a book called Texas Textures, and we we’re excited as hell to hear what she has to say…

Her book:


IG: @katswanseyphoto

And here are some of her photos:

Lee Miller and Man Ray

One of the topics we’ve been exploring lately is the idea of collaboration. We examined the love between Claud Calhoun and Marcel Moore; Talked with Taylor and Kate Miller-Wilson about their water-side photos; and most recently looked at the toxic dependency between Margrethe Mather and Edward Weston.

Today, we’re entering into the intense and desperate four year relationship between Lee Miller and Man Ray. How might a self-centered, aristocratic Vogue model of 22 get along with a short, odd, working class, surrealist photographer pushing 40? As we’ll see, Lee Miller was not your average fashion icon, and Man Ray wasn’t your typical surrealist. In fact, Lee might have fit that definition far better than Man.

Lee Miller and Man Ray shot hundreds of photos together. Some of them we can even share with you.

We also referenced a few other photos by Lee and Man separately:


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