Dev Party – Abandon All Nope

On this episode of Dev Party we’re developing film and talking about the ethics of photographing abandoned places (sort of, you’ll see).

Eric shot some Kodak TMax 100, expired in 1991. And because of this, we talk a bit about what we were doing that year. We’ve forgotten a lot.

Meanwhile, Vania shot some Portra 160, also through the Mamiya RB67. Vania lets slip her complete lack of memory when it comes to 90s game shows.

Eric developed his film in 510Pyro 1+100 for 11.5mins. Here are a few of his:

Vania went with C-41. And here are her shots:

Right in the middle, we play a few minutes of an interview we did with Taylor (@taylarlar on IG) and Kate Miller-Wilson (@katemillerwilson on IG) about the “ethics” of moving stuff around for a better photo when visiting abandoned places.


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Vania: IGFlickrZines
Eric: IGFlickrZinesECN-2 Kit

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