Photography Changes Everything – Episode 75

We’ve got a family show for you today! It’s just Eric and Vania for this one. And we want to tell you have Photography Changes Everything. Everything!  We also want to tell you about some projects we’ve got coming up and a camera mystery we solved. 

Luis Azarraga and the Camerama

Luis Azarraga, a photographer from the Philippines moved to the states in 1914. After a slew of inventions, he became known for his “Camerara” – a mystery camera that could quickly and easily shoot 160-degree panoramic photographs.

Using an 18 foot tall tripod, Luis would crank the Camerama skyward, flick a switch and then lower it back down.

Arizona Highways Magazine wrote in their Jun 1956 issue:
“He guards his secret carefully. He allows no one to get near, much less peer into, the outsize aluminum box in which his invention is housed. It is not parented. Azarraga takes a dim view of the patent procedure.”

In this episode, we dig deeper to unravel the mystery of the Camerama!

A few of his photos were featured in Arizona Highways. Here they are:

And here’s as close to the camera as he’d allow anyone to get:

Photography Changes Everything

Vania and Eric discuss the various ways photography has changed everything in their lives, including:

-Delayed Gratification

-To Appreciate and judge light

-Seeing everything as a composition


-Social anxiety (both good and bad)

-To appreciate solitude

-To collaborate


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Music by Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers

Vania: IGFlickrZines
Eric: IGFlickrZinesECN-2 Kit

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