Does the New Leica Matter At All? (w/ Lisa Toboz) – Episode 72

On this episode we’re taking a look at the new Leica M6 and what it means, if anything at all, to the film community and industry. Jess Hobbs (@jesshobbsphoto on IG) and Danielle Wrobleski (@girlwithtoomanycameras on IG) will help us out as we discuss this weirdly topical topic. 

But before that, we’ll be talking to Polaroid photographer Lisa Toboz (@lisatoboz on IG) about, ghosts, horror, and how her work isn’t your typical instant snaps. We’ve also got the answering machine and a zine review.

The New Leica M6 Doesn’t Really Matter (Sort Of)

Luxury camera company, Leica, recently brought back the M6, a 35mm rangefinder that they produced from 1984 through 2002. It seemed like huge news that a camera company that was mostly producing digital cameras decided to bring back a classic model. But what really caught everyone’s attention was the price tag. 

When it comes to film cameras,  your choices are essentially a shed or a mansion, a Yugo GV or a Lamborghini Countach,  a row boat or the yacht from the Duran Duran video.

The big question right off that bat – Does it matter that Leica brought back the M6 – especially in light of them already offering two other film cameras?

We talk to Jess Hobbs (IG @jesshobbsphotography) and Danielle Wrobleski (IG @girlwithtoomanycameras) all about this.

Jess on YouTube:


Lisa Toboz

Within the work of Lisa Toboz, you can see glimpses of uneasiness and even horror. She’s influenced by Victorian Spirit photography, which we discussed last Halloween (and the Halloween before), as well as vernacular photographs (which we’ve also talked about). How do all of these things come together to form Lisa’s saturated and beautiful Polaroid prints? Let’s find out.

IG: @lisatoboz


Analog Forever Magazine:

Here are some of her photos:

Zine Review

Moving Emma to Philadelphia by Vera Benschop

The press is on IG @benschopbooks and Vera is @verabenschop

There’s also

We’ll have a link in the show notes.


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