Satan Just Does Stuff… in 3D! (w/ Amy -Badenchini) – Episode 71

On this basically spooky episode, we’ll be the podcast that hands out full size candy bars. We’ve got an enlivening interview with Amy Badenchini (@lilangelfilm2 on IG), about photography, lowriders and punk rock. Then we’ll turn to Satan to tell you all about the 1800s craze of Diableries. We’ve also got a ghoulish answering machine question, as well as zine reviews and other bits of glossolalia.

But first, Vania and Eric banter about a number of things, including a Halloween candy rant, a Duran Duran disappointment, and Vania’s potentially stolen Rolleiflex.

Amy Badenchini

Amy Badenchini’s photographic world is filled with lowriders, punk rock and cats – sometimes all at the same time. Her slightly shifted color shots of car culture caught my eye years ago, and I’m stoked to finally get the chance to sit down and talk with her.

IG: @lilanglefilm2

Here are a few of her photos, including the Bear & Oreo shot!

Diableries – 3D Images of Satan!

This collection of images was called Les Diableries – they were photographs of intricate clay sculptures depicting numerous hellscapes, photographed by stereo cameras to render them in three dimensions. 

The typical Diablerie was a diorama depicting a number of scenes filled with Satan and skeletons, demons and devils engaged in various acts. Sometimes these acts were fantastical, like the Black Sabbath or Satan’s Fete Day. Others depicted Judgment Day and Orpheus leaving Hell. And still others were weirdly mundane: Return from the Racecourse … in Hell, New Year’s Day … in Hell, and the Infernal Railway.. In – well you get the idea.

Though all of the original 72 Diableries were different, they all showed the Devil partaking in some hellish happening. And though the styles of the individual artists showed through, the basic idea – the Devil doing stuff with skeletons – was carried throughout the series. Satan and his pals were essentially actors playing whatever roles the artists placed them in. Think of it as how the Japanese toy company Sanrio uses Hello Kitty – but here, the emphasis is on the “Hell”.

We talked about a few of these Diableries, and here some are:

If you’re good at these types of things, you might be able to “free-eye” the 3D effect…

In the piece, we mentioned how the glowing eyes were made. Here’s a photo of the back of one of the Diableries. You can see the tiny pinholes where the skeleton’s eyes appeared. These holes were filled with red gel.

Zine Review

Vania reviewed Lost Memory by Chris D’Amore – a 96 page book that can be picked up here:


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