The Woman Who Was Crippled By The Darkroom (w/ Kate Miller-Wilson and Taylor) – Episode 70

We have a unique show for you this time! We’ll be talking to both Kate Miller-Wilson (@katemillerwilson on IG) and Taylor (@Taylarlar on IG) about their recent collaborations! Also, does being in the darkroom full time for fifty years sound good to you? We’ll learn about the Kinseys and maybe your thoughts will change on that. We’ve also got a fun answering machine question and a couple of zine reviews. 

Kate & Taylor

We’ve talked to both Kate Miller-Wilson and Taylor on this show before. But today we got them both at the same damn time! They’ve been working on several collaborations together and the work has given them new insights into photography and working together as a whole. 

Here are some of Kate’s photos:

And here’s Taylors:

Darius and Tabitha Kinsey

The devotion of Tabitha Kinsey to her husband and photographer Darius Kinsey produced thousands of beautiful prints. As Darius captured the logging camps and railroads of the Pacific Northwest, Tabitha spent 50 years hunched over a basin, under a red light, developing, fixing and washing countless prints. 

With Darius on the road almost constantly, she raised two kids and was compelled to employ her nieces to help around the house or in the darkroom. She handled the family’s expenses, the groceries, the cleaning, the entire household. She sacrificed her life for printing and was damn good at it. 

History would typically only remember and herald the photographer, who, with his huge cameras, his gigantic glass plates, and his constant travel, took over 10,000 photos. But with the Kinsey’s, the work of Tabitha the printer and devoted wife has also been remembered.

Here are some of their family photos:

And here are some of their serious work:

And finally, some of their ads:

Zine Review

Vania reviewed Farmstands, Vol. 1 by Alicia Robinson-Welsh (@alrobinsonwelsh on IG).


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