Dev Party – DIY ECN-2 (aka Nobody Likes Grape Otter Pops)

On this episode of Dev Party, we’re developing come in Eric’s DIY ECN-2 kit! We sort of walk you through the mixing and the developing, though there’s a lot of chit chat and small talk. Mostly, it’s just an entertaining little catch up.

Vania developed rebranded Kodak Vision3 in 120 (with “spokes”). Here are some of her shots:

Meanwhile, Eric developed Kodak Vericolor III, expired in 1997. Here are some of his:

Here’s a link to Terry Evans’ book, Heartland, mentioned by Eric:

We also talked a little bit about bleach bypass, and here are a few of those:

And here’s Eric’s collection of photos developed with his DIY ECN-2 kit:


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