Dev Party – The Worst Emulsion You Can Force Upon Your Camera(?)

On this episode of Dev Party we do a couple of things. First, we take a second and closer look at Shanghai in both roll film and sheets. Is there a difference? What is Shanghai really? Is it ORWO UN54? And if so, why does it look like …. this? And will Eric stand by his earlier review of it that it’s essentially the worst emulsion you can force upon your camera?

Eric develops two rolls of 120 in a regular tank using PMK Pyro. Spoiler alert – it was a disaster brought upon by not one, not two, but THREE major fuck ups on Shanghai’s part. Here are a few of his shots:

You’ll notice the three issues…

  1. Light leaks – these are from the backing paper being either too loose or too small.
  2. Backing paper markings on the emulsion – this is from using cheap/shitty ink.
  3. Mottling in the sky – this is just a sign of shitty emulsion.

Vania, on the other hand, develops an 8×10 sheet of Shanghai in the Stearman Press 8×10 tank. We’ll be doing a further review on the tank in an upcoming episode (though Vania does a fine job introducing us to it). But until then, here’s Vania’s shot:

She has zero complaints about the actual emulsion. So, yay!


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