Season Premiere: An Excuse to Photograph Naked Humans!

Welcome back!

And on this episode – our first of the 22-23 season, we’ll be hearing from a few near and dear friends about what they’ve been up to since we last talked. There’s  Kate Miller-Wilson (@katemillerwilson), Jess Hobbs (@jesshobbsphoto), Kat Swansey (@katswanseyphoto), Nick Gaylord (@countsnackula), and  Ariela (@arielaaaaaaaa).

We’ll also chat about the movie Nope in some photographically historical ways. Eric will regale you with a hiking story that almost doesn’t involve him dying (sort of). And we’ve got zine reviews, the answering machine, and so much more!

Opening Banter

Vania got a literal bucket of cameras and she walks us through a bunch of them. There’s point & shoots and some more point & shoots and basically cameras you’d expect to find in a bucket of cameras.

Meanwhile, Eric talked about pairing down and shooting with only two cameras for the entire summer. Is it possible to survive such an ordeal? Find out!

Answering Machine

For our first question back, we asked folks to tell us what their most meaningful or moving thing they’ve photographed this summer. We got a bunch of answers!

Nope and That Little Horse Movie

One of the main themes of the film (without going into spoilers) is the lengths we’ll go to get the shot – what the film calls “the impossible shot.” 

The film is established upon what they see as the first impossible shot – the series of photographs that are generally accepted to be the first motion picture.

In the movie, the main characters run a ranch that raises horses for use in the film industry. Their great-great-great grandfather was the black jockey riding the horse in the moving photos.

Let’s learn about a photographer known as Eadweard Muybridge who also went by the name “Helios.” What could possibly go wrong?

Summer Friends

Rather than a regular interview, we talk to a few old friends about what they’ve been up to this summer.

The Story of Chimney Rock: A Cautionary Tale.

All through July, Eric kept a journal of his travels – his highs and lows, his photography antics and his photographic failures. It’s all there. Basically. 

And so here is a selection from the journals. Day Nine: The Story of Chimney Rock: A Cautionary Tale.

“I never meant to fall in love with the Terry Badlands of Montana. Before discovering the photography of Evelyn Cameron, I had never even heard of them. 

“The plan was to drive north to the upper right corner of the state, turn east and then finally move into North Dakota. But the draw of the Badlands was too much. And in the end, the Bandlands were almost too much for me.”

Zine Reviews

Black Sky Vol. 1 by Josh (@noisefights)


Burn By Bike; Bikepacking Tillamook Burn Country, Oregon by Steven Mortinson



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