Season Finale, Anne Brigman (w/ Kate Miller-Wilson)! – Episode 65

Welcome to the final episode of the season, our last episode before our summer break. While we are taking a little break, we will still have lots and lots of content for you. There will be Dev parties, updates from the road, and a few special surprises along the way.

But today we will be checking back in with Kate Miller Wilson (@katemillerwilson on IG), what’s she been up to for the past year? And will also be talking to you about photographer Anne Brigman, fortunately for everyone Kate will be sticking around to help us!

Not only that but the film detectives, Charlie and Sara (@casualscience and @thefutureofwhat on IG), we’ll be popping in with another case to solve.

There’s also the zine reviews, the answering machine, and so much more!

Anne Brigman

Photographer Anne Brigman is known almost exclusively for her nudes. Much of her known and available work depicts bodies contorted and twisted among the contorted and twisted pines of the high sierra mountains in California.

Her photography was unlike almost anything else in the early 1900s. And yet it fit perfectly into Alfred Stieglitz’s photo-secessionist movement. Today, with Kate Miller-Wilson, we’re going to talk about Anne Brigman and Alfred Stieglitz. 

By the turn of the century, Anne had become nearly obsessed with the High Sierras. It was then that she discovered photography. She probably acquired her first camera from her sister, Elizabeth and was immediately smitten. Her first photos, taken when she was 32, were of her family. These were mostly typical portraits rendered in a somewhat impressionistic style.

A year later, her work was exhibited by the San Francisco Photographic Salon and printed in Camera Craft, the magazine of the San Francisco Camera Club. She also began a correspondence with Alfred Stieglitz, founder of the Photo Secession movement, who was currently waging a war with both the photography and art communities, insisting that photography be considered an art rather than a science. 

Kate, Vania and Eric each picked a few of Anne’s photos and discussed them while talking about her life. Here are the photos they discussed (in order)…

Kate Miller-Wilson

We talked to Kate last year at this time, so we’re just catching up. This is a great opportunity to discuss things we wouldn’t normally tackle. Heavy hitting subjects like:

  • Beach Shooting
  • Underwater 4×5?
  • When to shoot color and why we don’t do it anyway.
  • 8×10 is just bigger 4×5
  • How to avoid Aero Ektar Cliches

We discuss a few of Kate’s photos, of course. Here are some…

Zine Reviews

Where We Were (Vol. 2) by Shania Logan.

With this issue, Shania leads us into town by way of closed up corner stores and school buses decaying in the sun. Mobile homes quickly disintegrate once unoccupied, and tar paper shacks are little more than a foundation. Long cold factories with darkened, smashed windows explain the depressing number of houses vacated, and the lines of empty streets.

Happy Together by Federico Quaglino

IG: @fedequaglino


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