The Greatest Medium Format Camera Ever Made (w/ Taylor!) – Episode 64

On this, our penultimate show of the season, we’re talking to Taylor (aka @taylarlar on IG) about whether or not you can rediscover home as a photographer (and a bunch of other stuff), we’ve also gathered a few friends to help us talk about the greatest medium format camera ever made – the Mamiya RB67.  We’ll also be reviewing a new book by Liz Potter (@lizpotterphotography on IG), there’s the answering machine messages, and lots and lots more!


Today we interview our new best friend Taylor! She’s a film photographer from Minnesota, focusing on the idea of home and revisiting previous chapters in her life. We’ve both admired her work for a long time, and when sorting out a guest for the episode, we both independently picked Taylor!

IG: @taylarlar

Here is some of her work!

The Greatest Medium Format Camera Ever Made!: The Mamiya RB67

The Mamiya RB67 is the greatest medium format camera ever produced. It is fully manual, requires no battery, and can double as an impact weapon. Weighing only 7lbs, the RB67 is ideal for hiking, a night on the town, or just relaxing at home.

And that’s what we’re doing now. We’re not out shooting. No, we’re recording a podcast and will tell you everything we can about the RB67. We don’t really do the whole gear talk thing, but fortunately we’ve brought along a few friends who… well, they don’t really do it either. But they’ll drop by shortly to tell you about their experiences with the greatest medium format camera ever produced!

We were helped by a few friends:

Jess Hobbs: @jesshobbsphoto; JessHobbs on YT
Dave Walker: @davethewalker80 on IG
Aly: @alysvintagecameraalley on IG; Aly’s Vintage Camera Alley on YT
Taylor: @taylarlar on IG
Dan Tree: @dantreephoto on IG

Texas Grit by Liz Potter

We’ve had Liz Potter on a few times, and right now there’s definitely a bit of buzz about her. Liz is known for shooting panoramic self portraits and Polaroid lifts. But Texas Grit is neither of these. 

When a photographer carves out a little niche for herself in a specific corner of the film photography community, it’s always fun to see what else they’ve done. Texas Grit was originally released in 2019. She’s reprinted it with a new cover and introduction.

Buy the book here:

IG: @lizpotterphotography


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3 thoughts on “The Greatest Medium Format Camera Ever Made (w/ Taylor!) – Episode 64

  1. I’ll have to take a pic of another mod I have done, adapted a Polaroid back to hold a 4×5 holder, so I can use my Betterlight super 6K scan back to shoot 9k x 9k images. ( yes, that’s 81 megapixels)


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