A Little Beauty in Everything: Imogen Cunningham; (w/ Serbest Salih from Sirkhane Darkroom)

On this episode we are talking to Serbest Salih of the Sirkhane Mobile Darkroom along the Turkey Syrian border. We’ll also be presenting the second part of our story on Imogen Cunningham. Before that, there’s a couple of photographically-related songs that we’d like to tell you about. There’s also the answering machine, zine reviews and quite a bit more.


Serbest Salih from Sirkhane Darkroom

Serbest Salih is a film photographer living in Mardin, Turkey. He runs the Sirkhane darkroom – a mobile darkroom project servicing refugee and local children on the Turkish and Syrian border. The mobile darkroom also a branch in Iraq.

Here are all the links you need to help:

IG: @sirkhanedarkroom

Web: https://heryerdesanat.org/darkroom

Buy their book: I Saw the Air Fly: https://www.mackbooks.us/products/i-saw-the-air-fly-br-sirkhane-darkroom

Serbest Salih’s IG: @servestsalih_

Here are some of the images from I Saw the Air Fly:

And here are some recent images from the Sirkhane Darkroom IG feed:

Imogen Cunningham, Part 2

We’re back to conclude our Imogen feature. When last we left Imogene Cunningham, she had just divorced Roi and was about to photograph the Unemployed Exchange Association sawmill with Dorothea Lange! It was 1934, the Great Depression was in full swing, and Imogene was ready to begin the rest of her life.

Imogen on Carson: https://www.sfmoma.org/watch/imogen-cunningham-on-the-tonight-show-with-johnny-carson/

Portrait of Imogen (Imogen discussing many of her photos – this is the film they played at the Imogen Cunningham Exhibit): https://archive.org/details/SCV23

Imogen Cunningham, A Portrait by John Korty: https://archive.org/details/imogencunninghamphotographer

Here are most of the photos we referenced in the episode:

Songs About Photography

We also looked at two songs that had something to do with photography.

Eric chose Guy Clark’s “My Favorite Picture of You”

Vania chose Spoon’s “Turn My Camera On”

Zine Reviews

Eric reviewed Sidewalks by Garon Kiesel @grain_or_die

as well as the new monthly offering from Themselves Press!


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