Dishpan and Darkroom: Imogene Cunningham (w/ Courtney Coles)

On today’s show we’ll be talking to photographer Courtney Coles (@kernieflakes) about her warm and quiet photos. We’ll also discuss the various photographic incarnations of Imogen Cunningham. Vania’s recently taken some cinematic inspiration – there’s the answering machine, zine reviews, and so much more!

Courtney Coles

Courtney Coles is a photographer, writer and professor, born and raised in Los Angeles. Her work centers on the idea of home, even when she’s away from it. Her eye for finding the beautiful and important among the everyday and ordinary is inspiring. She has agreed to tell us all about it, so let’s give Courtney a call.

IG: @kernieflakes

Twitter: @kernieflakes


Imogen Cunningham (Part One)

Imogene Cunningham photographed for nearly 75 years. Throughout her long career, she allowed herself to be influenced by the friends she made throughout the photography community. There isn’t really a single thread running through her work that you could look at and think “this is what makes this photo a Cunningham,” and yet she was not without her own style and philosophy – though both changed throughout the years. 

In one way, she was a sponge, soaking up all of the inspiration she could find. And in another, she was a scavenger, feasting on the work of others before her, but doing almost everything they did better. She was a photographic anarchist, holding herself to no stringent set of rules, while playing within and around tradition, rulesets, good taste and expectations.

And that’s where it gets interesting.

Here is some of her work which we discuss in this episode:

Zine Reviews

The Elements & Principles of Visual Analysis by Graham Parsons

Better Off No. 4: Paulo Buencamino


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