Dev Party – Don’t Talk To Me Before I’ve Had My Caffenol!

Let’s do something Eric never wanted to do! He never wanted to mess with caffenol, not even a little bit. But after a few life-changing events, he’s seen the error of his ways and here we are. Caffenol. Basically.

Eric and Vania both developed using roughly the same caffenol recipe, which is here:

For 500ml:

Instant Coffee: 20g or 5T

Vitamin C: 8g or 2t

Sodium Carbonate: 27g or 2T

Potassium Bromide: 1g (or 2.5t of salt – Vania used salt)

Mix everything together in 300ml of hot (100F-ish) water, and then add cold water to bring it to a working temp of 68F.

Eric developed Fomapan 100 for 12mins, and here are his results:

Vania devved Ilford Pan F+ for 9mins, and here are her results:

We mentioned Brandy B’s 365 project, and you can find that here: @that365life


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