Kodak’s New Prices and How We’re Never Happy

This episode is all about Kodak’s recent price increases: Why’d they do it? How high will they get? And what the hell do we do now? But it’s not just us who will be talking – we asked a few former guests and some friends of the show their thoughts on it.

There’s also the answering machine, Tiffen Sinclair, Autochromes, and zine reviews.

Kodak’s Price Increases

Kodak recently announced that starting in January 2022, they’d be raising the prices on nearly all of their film. Well, they didn’t exactly announce. They emailed the stores who buy directly from them and the news leaked out.

This follows a roughly 20% increase from last year, a similar increase the year before that, and a 10% price hike for 2018. To put things in a bit of perspective, a five-pack of Portra 400 in 120 cost $29 in 2018. As of now, it’s $55, so come January, that same pack will be closing in on $70. In less than four years, the price of Portra will have more than doubled. Quite a lot of film has.

So we got to wondering – what do some of the friends of the show have to say about the price increases? How are they dealing with it? And how will it affect their work going forward?

We talked to Brandy B, Charley Camugila, Danielle Wrobleski, Hannah Grace, Jamie Maldinado, and Kat Swansey and got their takes on all of this.

Brandy: @film_diary_of_a_redhead

Charlie: @casualscience

Danielle: @girlwithtoomanycameras

Hannah: @h.gracephoto

Jamie: @jamiemphoto

Kat: @katswanseyphoto

As part of the piece, we also talked with Blue Moon Camera out of Portland.



Somehow me managed to have a minute or two to talk about an old color process called autochromes.

Here are some examples of them:

And Now For Something Completely Tiffen

Tiffen Sinclair tells us about two photo books that inspire her on weeks where she does nothing photographic.

Be Happy by Igor Samolet

Fuck Me by Josh Kern

Zine Reviews

Everything is So Beautiful Today by Stephanie Gonzales


The Need for Restlessness by CC Camuglia



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