Nailed to the Xtol (or Maybe Exel)

Finally… Finally Vania returns to Xtol, the developer that nearly killed her (in a very metaphorical sense). Meanwhile, Eric tries out Foma’s version of Xtol called Fomadon Exel.

Both are ascorbic acid developers, and while Kodak claims that Xtol is good for “fine grain and high sharpness,” Foma claims that Exel is great for “fine grain and excellent sharpness”! The drama!

The real story here is the camera Vania used to shoot Tmax 400: The Maco! A plastic 1950s underwater camera that was more than a bit leaky. Seriously, she pre-washed her film in the ocean.

Here are a few of Vania’s pics:

Meanwhile, Eric devved Ilford Delta 400. Here are a few:

We also answer the previous episode’s answering machine question: How does anxiety/mood affect your photography.

And there’s a lot of banter about: crows, feeding crows, parking meters, change, surfing (obviously?), and one of us forgets that they’re recording a Dev Party. Guess who!


Vania: IGFlickrZines, Website
Eric: IGFlickrZinesECN-2 Kits

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