The Flight of the Pigeon Photographers (with Izzie Farr)

This episode is a mixed bag of goodness. We’ll be talking to Izzie Farr (@izzie_farr on IG), who authored an open letter to Kodak that recently got a bit of attention. Autumn is basically upon us, so we’ll talk a little bit about school pictures (while dredging up some questionable memories). And also pigeon photographers: what are they, and why? We’ve got zine reviews, the answering machine, and of course Tiffen Sinclair’s (@tiffen.sinclair on IG) Fit with Film. 

Izzie Farr

Our guest this week is Izzie Farr, a film photographer from London. A few weeks back Kodak’s main Instagram page (@kodak on IG), which has over 850,000 followers, received quite a lot of criticism for featuring more than thirty male photographers in a row – even after repeatedly being called out about it in their comments section.

Izzie wrote an open letter to Kodak, and it went viral.

We discuss her work and her letter, plus the reaction she received from the film community as well as from Kodak.

Here are a few samples of her work:

Pigeon Photographers

The city-dwelling pigeon, though nearly identical to its more rural and sophisticated cousin, the dove, has received unfair slander from its most nearest neighbors  – the ungrateful humans. Through our character assassination of this almost noblest of birds, we have forgotten its long and storied history of unintentional service to our own unworthy species.

In 1907, German apothecary, Dr. Julius Neubronner decided to attach a camera to a pigeon to get some shots from the air.

“This camera was fitted to the breast of the pigeon by means of elastic braces passed across the back underneath the wings. Eight consecutive snapshots were made at regular intervals by the automatic exposing device.”

Here are a few photos of the cameras he made:

And here are some shots taken by the pigeons:

School Pictures

In a short segment, we talked a bit about Lifetouch and school photos. Here are the very few photos we could find of the Micro Z camera:

Zine Reviews

This episode, Vania reviewed Portraits in Paradise by David Wiewel (davidwiewel on IG).

Eric reviewed Better off, Issue Three (@betteroffzine on IG). It was photographed by Chandler Flanagan (@dispositionpictures on IG) and edited by Travis Cannaday (@travis_cannaday on IG).


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