Dev Party – Summer Rockets

One this, our first Dev Party of the season, we answer part of the question: what did we do on our summer vacation. In this case, we fired off model rockets with cameras attached to them.

Specifically, we shot a pair of Estes Astrocam 110s in the Alvord Desert, Oregon. With each launch (when we remembered to set the shutter), the rocket-camera took a photo. It was almost always a bad photo, but a photo nonetheless.

Both Eric and Vania had their own rockets. They shot a few pics with the rocket-camera, attempting to use it as a regular camera. Those, oddly enough, worked better. They both loaded the same rolls into a Kraft Velveeta 110 promotional camera and shot with that for a week or so.

Here are some shots from Eric’s roll (some were shot by Vania):

And here are some shots from Vania’s roll (some were shot by Eric):

Meanwhile, Vania developed a color roll she shot in the Graflex 2×3 (with a square back for some reason):


Vania: IGFlickrZines, Website
Eric: IGFlickrZinesECN-2 Kits

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