Episode 45 – Season Finale – Eian & Kate Miller-Wilson, Also Nell Dorr

Welcome, won’t you, to the season finale of All Through a Lens. This is one hell of a show and we are, dare I say, stoked!

We’ve got such an incredible guest in Eian Miller-Wilson – you might recognize his last name – Miller-Wilson – from Kate (@katemillerwilson on IG), his mother. Eian appears in a slew of her photos, if you’ve seen her work, you’ve seen him. And we’ve got them both on!

We’ll also be keeping Kate around to talk about nearly-forgotten photographer, Nell Dorr. 

We’ll talk about our summer plans, there’s a zine review, and Tiffen Sinclare (@tiffen.sinclair on IG) will be dropping by.

Eian Miller-Wilson

We interviewed Kate Miller Wilson in Episode 14. Most of you are probably familiar with her work, especially the photos of her son Eian. Together, they have made some of the most ethereal and captivating photos we’ve ever seen.

It seems like it’s been ages, so we asked her to come back, but this time with Eian.

Here are some of the photos they’ve taken together:

Nell Dorr (with Kate Miller-Wilson)

At one time, Nell Dorr was a well known and adored photographer. She had books and gallery shows. She photographed the simple, the sublime, and the famous. But in the years since her final book in 1975, she’s been all but forgotten. None of her books are in print. Few of her published photos are available online, and even when it comes to listing obscure women photographers, her name is hardly remembered.

We aim to change that.

This will be a different sort of segment, as Kate Miller Wilson has agreed to stick around. In fact, it was Kate who suggested Nell Dorr – a woman neither of us had ever heard of before.

We each selected two of Nell Dorr’s photos to talk more about. These are the six:

Kate selected:

Vania slected:

Eric selected:

Zine Review

We talked about Themselves Press’ Patreon a bit. This month it was based around Fever Dream by Jordan Brown (@cutestrongsadboy on IG).

Themselves Press on IG: @themselvespress

Charlie Chux Camuglia on IG: @casualscience


Thank you to everyone who supports us!

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