Episode 38 – Marion Post Wolcott: Photographers Need Pockets

On this episode we get to meet Tiffen Sinclare (@tiffen.sinclair on IG), host of the Fit with Film podcast, and our new on the spot correspondent! We’ll also be talking a whole hell of a lot about FSA photographer Marion Post Wolcott. There’s the answering machine, zine reviews, loads more fun…

Tiffen Sinclair

We interviewed Tiffen and learned a whole hell of a lot about how she got into film and her night shots.

Here are a few of her photos:

Marion Post Wolcott

Our main feature was about Marion Post Wolcott (and Tiffen read the part of Marion!).

You can access her FSA photos here: https://www.loc.gov/search/?fa=contributor:wolcott,+marion+post

Here is a lovely sampling of Marion’s work:

During the show, we mentioned Marion’s car getting stuck in Kentucky. Here are her shots from it:

Zine Reviews

We reviewed two zines:

NSW West by Bill Thoo: https://pixelsandgrain.photo.blog/

Grid by Garon Kiesel: @grain_or_die on IG


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