Episode 33 – Done With The Sugar Coating

On our first show of the year, we’ve got the second part of our feature on the Zone System (remember that?), we are interviewing Danielle Wrobleski aka @girlwithtoomanycameras, there’s the answering machine and we’ll finally talk about our winter projects!


You might know her as girlwithtoomanycameras on Instagram. You might also know her about the woman behind the hashtag #womenwithfilmwednesday. She’s shaken things up lately, and we’re going to dig into why this movement within the film community is necessary. 

Here are a few of her photos:

Zone System 2: Zoner Patrol

Two episodes we took a look at the Zone System. We gave a basic overview to the best of our abilities. Since nobody lodged any formal complaints against us, we’re trudging forward!

While we talked about how to use the system to get a very average shot, that’s not all you can  do with the Zone system.

In this segment, we’ll talk about how to get the photo you want – be it darker or lighter than average – using the same principles we used before. 

Here’s the shot that Eric talked about:

And here’s Vania’s:

Zine Reviews!

This episode we reviewed:

3 Hour Tour

You can get it here: https://www.shrkbait.co/product/3-hour-tour

And we took a look at City and Flowers: Trichromes, which you can find here: https://blog.dankspangle.com/buy-prints


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