Episode 31 – A Very Zoney System

On this week’s show we’re talking to the hardest working man in photography – Jamie Maldonado (@jamiemphoto on IG). Our feature this week is our first part of two about the Zone System – we’ll be doing our best to wade through that mess and tell you about how we’ve used it to take a few photos here and there.  We’ve also got the answering machine and a couple of zine reviews.  

Jamie Maldonado

We called up photographer Jamie Maldonado for a chat about shooting “Distance Sessions” via FaceTime during the (ever-ongoing) pandemic.

Here’s a selection of his work:

And here’s where you can pick up his zines: http://jamiemphoto.com/zines


Basically the Zone System

We are admittedly new to Zone System, but that doesn’t stop us from slogging through Ansel Adams’ prose in some sort of self-flagellation ritual.

We referenced a photo taken by Eric for most of this.

Camera: Mamiya RB67Lens: Mamiya-Sekor 3.8/90mmFilm: Kodak Verichrome Pan; x-1/1996Process: HC-110; 1+90; 18minOctober 2020

Zine Reviews

We reviewed:

Monochrome Mania No. 3 by Mark O’Brien, which you can (and absolutely should) pick up here.

We also reviewed Venetiae Deerratus by Federico Quaglino.


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