Episode 30 – The Jovial Marigold

On this week’s show we give a call to Megan Karson (@megankarson on IG), a tintype photographer. We’ll take another quick shot at the whole E-6 thing. We’ve got zine reviews and more fun. Plus we’ll tell you about Julia E. Tuell, a little-known photographer of Native Americans who was one of the few who were granted access to ceremonies typically barred to whites.

Megan Karson

Our interview this week is with Megan Karson. We talk about how she got into photography and tintypes, traveling while shooting, the differences between shooting film vs. tintype portraits, and a whole lot more.

Here are a few of her photos:

You can find her @megankarson on IG as well as www.megankarson.com.

Julia Tuell

Our feature is about Julia Tuell, a photographer who lived on several Indian Reservations in Minnesota, South Dakota and Montana in the early 1900s. She was so trusted by the tribes that they allowed her access to not only their daily lives, but to their ceremonies.

During this piece, we reference a lot of her work. Here is the bulk of it:


Three of Julia’s photo albums.

Julia Tuell’s photography on Facebook

Julia Tuell’s (basically official) website.

Zine Reviews

Functional Japan/ese by Robert Burton

This is a book more than anything. It’s about 100 pages long and perfect bound. Over 100 photos taken with a Pentax K1000. It’s got cats. I’ve complained about lack of cats before, and I think Robert has really delivered here. I mean, there could always be more, but this is great.

You can find Robert @elgatomagnifico on IG.

The zine can be bought on his Etsy page.


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End Credits

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