Episode 29 – It’s Brine Time!

Yo-ho! We’re on this week’s show, we’re talking to Pete Halvorsen (@petehalvorsen on IG) about his seaside photography. Following that, we’ll plumb the depths of underwater photography from the first photo to Jacques Cousteau. We’ll also discuss some of our recent film failures and why we don’t shoot digital – the reasons might not be what you think.

But first, Vania has a bit of an on-the-road report recorded while she was driving and photographing her way through the lower South West. With a bit of a time jump, she’s with us for the rest of the episode.

Answering the Machine

Before diving in (haha) we listen to the answering machine. This episode’s question is:

Why not digital?

We received more answers for this than ever before, thank you!

Watch Out For Snakes

We’ve been having a few film failures of late, and we tell you about them because that’s what we do now.

Here are a couple of Vania’s. She shot Fuji Neopan 1600 and accidentally developed it in C-41:

And here are two of Eric’s, complete with the light leak provided by the watch:

Let’s Call Pete Halvorsen!

If you go to Manhattan beach as much as Vania does, you’ll end up meeting Pete Halvorsen. Pete’s a regular at the pier. While he shoots mainy digital for his commercial and professional work, he’s never left film behind. Today we’re going to talk to him about why.

We talk to Pete about his professional work and how it’s changed during these weird plague days. He tells us why he likes the RZ67 and why he still shoots film.

Pete’s website: http://www.pchpro.com

Pete on IG: @petehalvorsen

Here are a few of his film photos:

The Weirdish History of Underwater Photography

The first underwater photo was taken by William Thompson in 1856 and it was horrible:

Fortunately things improved.

The first underwater portrait was taken by Louis Boutan in 1893. It’s pretty rad:

Here are a few other photos concerning Boutan:

Louis Boutan’s book. In French, so good luck: https://archive.org/details/laphotographieso00bout/mode/2up

J. E. Williamson and his Graflex going down into the tube.
Though we question it, this is “officially” the first color photo taken underwater, 1923.

We wrap up by talking about when underwater cameras went commercial. The first was the Mako Shark, a camera Vania owns and has shot with. Here are a couple of her photos:

Zine Review

We’re finally back to reviewing zines!

This one comes from Canada! It’s called Houses of the Holy by Markus Staley. And it is just what it says it is – a zine full of churches. I’m kind of a church fan myself. Like Marcus, I’m drawn to their architecture.

This is an 8”x8” zine, perfect bound and comprised of both film (35mm and 120) and some digital shots.  For me, the black& white photos are my favorites. Particularly, the ones with more close up details, like the one of the Berean Baptist Church.

You can pick it up @markusstaleyphotography

next Dev Party

On our next Dev Party, Vania develops the first roll taken with her new water housing!


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