Dev Party #22 – This Is Not a Party Bison

On this episode, we talk about the Kansas town of Bison! We visited it this past summer and fell in love, shooting a LOT of photos there. Upon our return, we researched a bit about the town’s history and decided that it would be fun if we both developed Bison rolls while talking about the town of Bison!

Both of us shot Rollei Retro 400S and we both developed it in HC-110H for 13 minutes (this seems like an odd thing to do, but we did it anyway).

Here are some of Eric’s photos:

And here are some of Vanias:

In a curious twist of fate and bad organizational skills, neither of us ended up developing any Bison photos. Go figure.

Vania: IG, Flickr, Zines
Eric: IG, Flickr, Zines, ECN-2 Kits

All Through a Lens: IG, Website, Patreon

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