Patreon Bonus #2 – Snapshots: Gates of Lodore

We just started a Patreon page and will be offering bonus episodes to those who support us at the $5 and $10 a month levels.


The $10 a month level will get to hear a new chitty-chatty podcast we’re doing called Snapshots. These will be (mostly) casual conversations about photography, our lives, travel, and, of course photography. 


In our first episode of Snapshots, we talk about the day and night we spent at the Gates of Lodore in Dinosaur National Monument.
We cover our expectations for shooting, what we actually shot, and how we just didn’t like our work (that much).
There’s also talk of being on the road, Sour Patch Kids double-blind taste test, and a bit of history.


We hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a patron. Thank you! Enjoy the show!



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