Episode 24 – What’s With the Fancy F?

On this episode, we delve into the weird history of f/stops! We also talk to Liz Potter (@lizpotterphotography) about pinhole photography, double exposures and making custom, handmade books. There’s a brief issue with E-6 silliness, zine reviews, and the answering machine question.

After a bit of chin-wagging, we wonder a bit about “gatekeeping” when it comes to certain photographers and their insistence that things be done a certain way – or else.

Specifically, we’re talking about E-6 Processing vs. Cross-processing.

With that garbage taken to the curb, we asked listeners to call in to answer:

Is there a place that you’ve never visited that you’d like to photograph?

Let’s Call Liz!
This episode, we called up Liz Potter to talk about handmade books, pinhole cameras, double exposures and shooting in general.

Here are a few of her photos:

Here’s a photo of her book:

f/Stops: What the f Are They Stopping?
F-stops! we all use them, and some of us even know why. But what *are* they? What’s an f? What’s a stop? What’s the difference between an aperture and diaphragm? What’s up with all the weirdly specific numbers? And what’s the deal with the funny looking f?

We answer a few of these questions to the best of our abilities. Plus, an indepth-ish look at the history of aperture settings!

Evelyn Cameron Correction
In the last episode, we said that there wasn’t really an online archive of Evelyn Cameron’s work. This wasn’t exactly true. Follow these links:

Evelyn Cameron Diaries.

Evelyn Cameron Photos.

Zine Reviews
Eric reviewed Filling the Time in Catalunya by Karen Freer.

Vania reviewed Now You See Me #1 by Alan Joseph Marx.

Be sure to check out our Dev Party episodes. They’re about to get even more pee-inducing!

Music by Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers

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