Episode 23 – Great Business to Exclude All the Light

On today’s episode, we’ve got a heady answering machine question, an interview with Kim “Kimchi” Giannone, zine reviews, and a feature on Montana photographer (and patron saint of All Through a Lens) Evelyn Cameron.

After a bit of chit chat (Vania’s waves have been bad and Eric’s got two zines coming out), we get right to the answering machine question:

Do you have a camera that you don’t shoot with anymore, but that you just can’t part with?

The answers ran from the practical to the literal tear-jerking. Thank you to everyone who called in.

Let’s Call Kim!
Our interview this week is with Kim Giannone. Kim has been shooting film since forever, but find herself sliding towards digital. We talk about Montana, the old days, more Montana, current and future projects, and about maybe quitting photography altogether (no, thank you).

You can find Kim’s work on Instagram – @kgphotoface.

She is also trying to raise the money to buy a mercantile in Montana so she can run a general store as well as her photo studio. She’s selling her prints to fund it here.

And is some of Kim’s work:

Evelyn Cameron
We have been wanting to tell the story of Montana photographer Evelyn Cameron since before we even had a podcast.

The story of an unknown photographer who died leaving her incredibly important work to basically disappear into obscurity only to be re-discovered decades later might sound a little familiar, but we’re betting you’ve not heard this one before.

She was a (mostly) self-taught large format photographer from the late 1800s/early 1900s. After leaving her wealthy upbringing and moving to Montana with her new (and controversial) husband, she took to photography to make ends meet.

Nearly forgotten, her work was rediscovered in the 1970s. We dig into her life, her career, and how best to view her photos.

We also talk about a project we’d like to do, but pulling it off might prove a bit difficult.

Here are a few of Evelyn Cameron’s photos:

Zine Reviews
We also reviewed two zines:

Car Distancing by Ben Yount (@benyountdds)


Film & Foreigner Vol. 2 by Robert Burton (@elgatomagnifico)

Be sure to check out our Dev Party episodes. They’re about to get even more pee-inducing!

Music by Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers

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