Dev Party #11 – Fire Party!

This week on Dev Party we’re trying a new-to-us developer! Well… that’s not quite true. You’ll see.

It was Vania’s idea to give Pyro a try, so we both picked up PMK Pyro by Photographer’s Formulary. And well… you’ll see.

Here on Dev Party, we are certainly used to and even welcoming of failures. They can lead to more knowledge and better days. And this failure is no different. It was just weird and unexpected. Again, you’ll see.

This was the first time we ever tried this developer. You’ll hear us reading from the instructions, talking a bit about what Pyro is, and witness our first experiences with the developers. Basically.

The important thing is that we both liked the results.

And speaking of results, here are some scans…

We also hear from Aloy Anderson and Jennifer Froula Webber about their thoughts and tips for shooting Fuzzy Pürrito!

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