Dev Party #7 – Dev Party For Your Right to Fight

Well that escalated quickly. We went from “hey there’s this weird flu thing” to “nobody leave their damn houses ever” in like a week (basically).

So we’ve decided to back up a bit and give folks who have never developed film before a somewhat wordy overview on how to do it, and what specifically to buy.

We’ll not bother with the entire run down here in the show notes, but here our list of things:

Changing Bag (large) $24
Leader Retriever$10
-Scissors (steal yer mom’s)
Developing Tank and Reels $35.00

Kodak HC-110 $15
Agfa Rodinal $13
Ilford Rapid Fix $13

Graduated Pitcher $11.00
Thermometer (get two) $4

Decanter (literally any 1l bottle will work) $6.00
-Timer (any digital kitchen timer – or phone, etc)

-Bucket for washing (optional)
Arista Flow (optionalish) $8

-Hanger and Clips (use coat hanger and medium binder clips)
-Weight on the bottom (use a big ass binder clip)
Or these:
Stainless Steel Clips $4
Arista Stainless Steel Clips $7

Kimwipes (optional) $4

Printfile Sleeves $7

Massive Development Chart

Here are a couple of photos Eric developed this episode:

And here are a couple from Vania:

Vania: IG, Flickr, Zines
Eric: IG, Flickr, Zines

All Through a Lens: IG, Website

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