Episode 012 – The Colors or Some Shadow or Something

On this episode, Vania and Eric talk shooting with people (or not), we’ll call up a very special guest, and dig into color photography before the invention of color film. We’ll also finish up our trilogy on zine making. Plus zine reviews and the announcement of a “new” old stock emulsion.

But first, Vania’s been sick (though it’s not the annoying and mild Man-Flu). Still, she managed to do some shooting. She even surfed with a gray whale. Eric also shot some 4×5 and with the 6×7 back to varying degrees of amusement.

Before getting into the thick of the show, we announce The Slow Meow – a slow speed Soviet-era microfilm (Tasma Mikrat 200) that they’ve teased for literally months now. It’s for sale via Eric’s Etsy Store and all proceeds go to help funding the podcast.

Moving on to the answering machine, we asked listeners to call in about whether they like to shoot by themselves or with other people. A dozen or so called in and we couldn’t say no to any of them. Their answers varied, of course, but most folks diplomatically split the difference. Wise decision – you never know who’s listening. Vania and Eric also weigh in.

We then give a call to Marley! You may know her from Vania’s stories, but now she’s here! It’s Vania’s 12 year old, film (and digital) shooting daughter. She weighs in on how the kids see film, social media, and what it’s like to grow up with a mom shooting film when the other kids moms just have iPhones.

For the back half of the episode, we switch gears and dive back into history. There were color photos before the invention of color film. How? Well, it’s a complicated story that we try to distill. It’s a tale of that takes us from “I know we can do this, so why can’t we do this?” to “We did this… but how?” Riveting stuff!

We then finish our trilogy on zine-making by talking about printers and selling (and trading) zines. Also about adding personal touches.

Lastlyish, it’s zine reviews. Vania reviews the new zine of Aerochrome shots by Kikie Wilkins in Views From Tuscon, Issue 3. And Eric takes on Mark O’Brien‘s Monochrome Mania – a journal all about low ISO film; how to find, shoot and develop it.

And speaking of zines, Eric was a part of Frozen Wasteland’s KODAK GPX 160 compilation zine. The goal of this zine is to showcase and celebrate how different photographers obtain wildly different results and display totally disparate subjects, via processing, composition, and equipment choice, given the same starting medium. It’s full color, 80 pages, and features over a dozen photographers. Pick it up!

Be sure to check out our Dev Party episodes. They’re about to get even more pee-inducing!

Music by Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers

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