Episode 010 – We’re Goin’ Legitimate!

Welcome to our tenth episode! Have we got a packed show for you!

We start off with some much needed catching up. Vania’s been to the fictional city of Fresno, as well as Yosemite! Eric’s been to a waterfall where the owls are not what they seem.

Keeping things moving, we hear from a slew of folks about lines they won’t cross while photographing. A large part of photography is literally not taking photos. While some won’t photograph homeless people or children, others refuse to snap pics of injured roller derby skaters. Vania and Eric both weigh in on the thing as well.

Last episode, Vania mentioned the new issue of her zine in the briefest of passings, but now Eric tries to squeeze more information from her.

Speaking of zines, we talk somewhat briefly in the first installment of a how-to-zine overview. This time it’s about deciding upon a theme (or not), about titles, words and just getting your shit together.

And then we call up Adam Roberts – aka @icantstandpickles on IG. He has recently released a 3-D zine, which comes complete with 3-D glasses. You need to see this to believe it, and you can pick it up here (and should).

Changing gears for a few moments, we report on the execution photo of Ruth Snyder. Taken in 1928 by photographer Tom Howard, the image of a woman in the moment of electrocution was published on the front page of the New York Daily New. Soon the photo became more of a story than the execution itself.

Since cameras were forbidden in death chambers, how did Howard get this shot? What does this have to do with James Cagney? We shall tell you!

Moving on, we make our way to a couple of zine reviews. Vania talks about Leland Buck’s Paris Syndrome, while Eric digs into 365 No. 7: Analog by Trench Photos (@trenchphotos365 on IG).

In closing, we remind you about our mini-episodes (Dev Party), as well as what’s ahead in the next: a full review of the 3D printed 120 back for the old Polaroid Automatic Land Cameras. Eric got one and is in the process of testing it out.

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